Lee Dewyze: Top 11 Performance (The Letter)

Lee Dewyze is on the stage first. Miley Cyrus, as a mentor, only sees one problem – Lee Dewyze lacks stage presence. But Miley thinks Lee has a good song choice and a wonderful voice to match it. Finally, we get to see Lee Dewyze without a guitar and wearing a leather jacket. He sang “The Letter” by Box Tops.
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  1. AstriaICOW says:

    ur, why is Miley Cyrus giving singing advices to actual singers??? juss sayin’

  2. MsAfnan19 says:

    wow that’s amazing

  3. TheJoslyn2009 says:

    WOW you need to go back and listen to season 10 group songs. They sucked. I dont think they even sang The letter. If they did dont recall. I guess it was forgetable. This is the the differance with season 10 no one made a song thier own this year like Lee.

  4. desared23 says:

    The top 9 meadley of season 10 sang the letter and the sang so much better!

  5. LuvLJDW says:

    Lee is just sooooo adorable!!! yummy!

  6. GwenDUff says:

    I don’t get it..

  7. 3Milk says:

    i dont like this arrangement for this song. hmmm

  8. progamerxt says:

    i have to agree with simon on this one is forgetable and not really recordable on hes part it was all over the place this is a bluessy song meant to played by a blues artist hes a “modern rock” artist and should stick to what hes good at…like scott stapp style or pearl jam….

  9. SuperMspisces says:


  10. HopelessDaydreamer55 says:

    I didn’t think Miley was a very good mentor. I prefer Adam’s style. If they aren’t doing good, tell em straight up and don’t dance around it.

    And I think Lee may have been too focused on her comment on stage presence and that’s why he stumbled a few times… I still thought it was a great performance, but he’s done better, and i believe that’s why…

  11. HopelessDaydreamer55 says:

    Ellen’s analogies kinda run long… She’s funny though… Sort of…

    I couldn’t believe that Simon didn’t like this!!! I thought it was incredible <3
    Love Lee soooooooooo much!!!

  12. joant1221 says:

    He’s so boring and cheesy and not in a good way.

  13. Archie0idol17 says:

    AAAH. Lee is amazing! he did greaaaaaaaaat!

  14. trishdish2001 says:

    I forgot about this performance. I loved it!

  15. surfer53 says:

    Lee’s problem is that he looks apologetic at times. As soon as he stops looking for approval and just receives it, he’s a remarkable artist. All my comments about Joe Cocker and I’d forgotten this was a Cocker song. No wonder it was so good. Can he make a decent album? He’s got 2 already and while I wish he’d got with a bit more of a Cocker edge, they’re underrated pieces of work.

  16. gsherling says:

    omg hes good

  17. onesweetfantasy says:

    Lmao, my thoughts exactly.

  18. saravonsega94 says:

    dear miley cyrus: please put on some pants. and i loooove lee. AMAZING. SO good live, just him and his guitar (:

  19. jennieexp says:

    that’s the lyrics… aeroplane. haha

  20. 11andrealea says:

    i first liked andrew and then when he left i fell in love with lee…i love his shyness and the raspiness in his voice is just SEXY!

  21. jediphoenix says:

    Still my favorite performance of his besides his duet with Crystal. His movie night performance, Kiss from a rose was a bit underwhelming. He needs to do some Springsteen!

  22. coolmhely says:

    oh I love the way he smiles!! it knocks me off all the time. hehehhe

  23. xparamorepandas says:

    i like the way he says airplane

  24. Fedfan1414 says:

    And dont even get me started on the lip bite at the end.

  25. Fedfan1414 says:

    His little grin after the Pen remark makes me weak.

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