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Learn with Google Hangout On Air with “Google+ for Business” Author Chris Brogan

Join author Chris Brogan for a Learn with Google Hangout on Air. Chris will cover tactics for successful social media marketing from his new book “Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything.” Join us for this discussion on how to engage customers with social media and use Google+ to run successful marketing programs. Learn Chris’s recipes for how to grow and engage your Google+ community to build your brand and drive your business. Find more Learn with Google webinars at If you want to purchase Chris’s new book, check it out on the Google Play store:

9 replies on “Learn with Google Hangout On Air with “Google+ for Business” Author Chris Brogan”

13:37 “The more active we are on the Google+ network… the more it increases our search engine visibility”

That is a huge quote. I’m gonna get active on Google+. Nuff said.

Also just by doing a hangout on air it doubled his number of fans. holy cow that’s awesome.

I have experienced the same phenomenon with YouTube. If I’m actively creating and posting content to YouTube the more prominent my video’s are in the search results.

I love the quote from Chris; using a social network is a lot like renting a hotel room you can put up the lava lamp and the van Halen poster but at the end of the stay those need to go with you

I really like the idea of creating a circle for my way most avid customers so that they can talk amongst themselves.

I wish the first 1 minute and 40 seconds of this video was edited out. One minute and forty seven seconds is a very long time to what for the first word spoken in the video. But once you get started the information is very good thank you.

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