Lean Recruiting focus on Just-In-Time Candidates

Lean Recruiting focus on Just-In-Time Candidates

Article by Kathleen Duffy

Pipelining candidates for future hire in a database seems logical to many recruiters. As you develop an inventory of go-to candidates it seems to be common sense. Yet, maybe there is another way to accomplish the same thing, yet not waste your time and the candidates’ time just to load a database.

David Szary’s definition of developing candidate pipelines: “A pipeline/network of talented professionals (active and/or passive job seekers, pre-screened or not) that you regularly communicate with regarding opportunities with your organization. A pipeline of candidates, that when an opening comes up, you can immediately contact and engage in discussions about the opportunity and/or to network.”

This is a great definition and something to think about as we challenge the thought process for a second. If we compared it to some supply chain strategies, recruiters that pipeline candidates create work-in-process (WIP) candidate inventories. Candidates in a work-in-process pipeline typically match the skills of a current position. Any “in process” candidates are waiting on further “processing” (screening, interviewing, networking, etc.), and never become “finished goods.” Obviously, this is a major flaw in the process. If your candidates are languishing in inventory and you never deliver a finished good, you are barely operating a 1-sigma practice.

The faith that putting in the time invested on the “front end” will lead to a better hire, may be flawed in this context. Unfortunately, with few options of Retained and Contingency Recruiting, recruiters are always building a pipeline of candidates and spending time with those who will most likely never work for the client. The artificial safety net of “work in progress” leads to lazy recruiting, and is driven by the inability to connect with the best candidates for a specific job opportunity within the first week.

Unfortunately there are many associated hidden costs that no one seems to want to think or talk about:

* Lost opportunity * Time and energy spent on maintaining a network * Effectiveness when hiring needs rise * Ability to do an effective search for each position * Lack of creativity in the hiring process; typically using the candidates in the pipeline instead of seeking out the best fit

With all this in mind, think about “Just-in-Time” candidates – finding the best candidate at the exact time you are looking for that candidate. Beyond typical Retained and Contingency Recruiting, Recruiting Research enables you to do research to find the best candidate in the marketplace at that time. Also, Recruiting Research enables your company to run a lean operation with low “inventory,” yet highly functional in terms of performance. So next time you look at your recruiting staff and their efforts, think about adding Recruiting Research to the mix.

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