Leads for Network Marketing-How to Magnetically Attract Leads with a Proven Successful System

Leads for Network Marketing-How to Magnetically Attract Leads with a Proven Successful System

Article by Gary McElwain

Leads for network marketing get magnetically atracted with a proven and successful system.One of the biggest hot buttons for a lot of people in just about every market imaginable is the word “new”. In MLM, “new” always gets people’s attention. Some people worry that they’ll miss out, because what is “new” today will not be new next month. So you’d better hop on it today, or you may well be too late to make your fortune. You find another word in MLM: “prelaunch”. If you just advertise these words with some idea that sounds even remotely possible and which has some nice bells and whistles is likely to attract some good attention. Maybe YOU are interested. But here is the problem: most businesses fail.Especially when you have a new business, the chance of them surviving 2 years is certainly under 20%, and maybe much lower. And in any event, new businesses have problems. You could commit 100% to a new business, but others won’t. As soon as they get a jug with the label upside down, they’ll figure these guys don’t know what they’re doing, and they’ll quit. Every business needs time to iron out the kinks. Nothing works exactly as you have planned it. If you get in before they’ve got problems ironed out, your people will get discouraged, and it will be hard to keep them.

What is the solution? Wait. If it’s a great opportunity when it’s new, it will be an even better opportunity in 2 years, because it will have established more credibility and trust with stakeholders. And most of the bugs will have been found and fixed. So it’s best to let the system get itself straight, rather than jumping on that “new” bandwagon.

To make your fortune in network marketing, you have to plan long-term. Plenty of people just figure, “I’ll try this for awhile.” Chances of that working for them aren’t very good. It’s important to be able to see the simple bedrock principle of building relationships and to realize that relationships just take a “forever” commitment. You never hear anybody say they’ll try marriage for 3 months and see if it works.

You can make a good, stable income in MLM, when you use a system that works, and when you have chosen a good company. So we’ll assume you have that part. The next crucial element is to continually tighten the grip on your own commitment. List every step of your plan. Plan a regular schedule each day to do these tasks. Where will you be? Who can you get ahold of to quickly answer questions? You want quick access to a successful system-user who is getting good results with it right now. It’s important that you quickly see for yourself by your own experience that your system works, or you’ll find excuses not to do any work. For example, chances are you won’t ever get any actual work done while you are babysitting. That doesn’t give you an actual opportunity for success. If you’re making phone calls, you have to be sure to set aside time that you can give prospects your undivided attention.

If you check out “MLM” in Google or any of the other search engines, you’ll quickly realize how many websites and web businesses focus on selling leads to MLMers. Huge business. Unfortunately, you can never really know for sure what you’re getting when you buy leads from someone else. If the vendor isn’t someone you know well, you have a good chance of getting worthless leads. That’s why it makes so much sense to develop your own targeted MLM leads if you possibly can. The information earlier in this article comes from the lead-generation ebook “Success In 10 Steps.” You’ll read Michael Dlouhy’s experiences of frustration and then success in network marketing. The book is generic, so any network marketer can use it as their own personal lead-generator – definitely worth checking out.

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