Leadership Lessons Video #1: Art Jonak interviews Orrin Woodward

Hop on board the 76 foot “Dream Builder” yacht to pick the brains of Mr. Orrin Woodward, a top 10 Leadership Guru and co-author of “Launching a Leadership Revolution.” What are the 3 key essentials on leadership when building a massive organization? How big is Orrin’s inner circle of people who he takes advice from? What were two of the hardest obstacles you had to overcome in your journey to become successful? And more! Check out the BLOOPER REEL at the very end! ­čÖé network marketing Mastermind Event: MastermindEvent.com Orrin Woodward OrrinWoodward.com http Twitter.com Art Jonak ArtJonak.com http Twitter.com
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  1. Lene Hansen says:

    I get something new from every time I see this video. Just focused on one thing Orrin said here, that actually brought a tear to my eye, because, that is the most beautiful thing someone can EVER tell you: “I never, never give up´╗┐ on someone, unless they give up on me….. I’m with them for life” – WOW

  2. Ben Sturtevant says:

    Awesome stuff´╗┐ Art!

  3. slapcompany says:

    Leadership creates performance in people because it impacts willingness; it’s a matter of modeling, inspiring, and reinforcing.´╗┐ Check out slapCompany.

  4. nathan fox says:


  5. Stanfordpune says:

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  6. chazrockwell84 says:

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  7. Staywimi Staywimi says:

    Nice video, really enjoyed´╗┐ watching it

  8. DailyMotivation says:

    Yes! Great´╗┐ BOOK!

  9. DailyMotivation says:

    Agreed! :)´╗┐

  10. DailyMotivation says:

    Agreed. And if you like inspiration, check out my YouTube´╗┐ channel ­čÖé

  11. DailyMotivation says:

    Yes!´╗┐ I love the blooper reel! ­čÖé

  12. DailyMotivation says:

    Agree!´╗┐ I subscribed.

  13. DailyMotivation says:

    Me´╗┐ too! ­čÖé

  14. DailyMotivation says:

    I agree.´╗┐ Very well done video!

  15. DailyMotivation says:

    In certain circles, both Art Jonak and Orrin Woodward are´╗┐ pretty famous. Both getting stopped at airports, etc for autographs occasionally. ­čÖé

  16. Art Jonak says:

    Interesting answer. Thanks :)´╗┐

  17. ASSBANG6969 says:

    He’s too busy being sucessful to answswer you. Do you know these people…Carlos Slim Helu / Christy Walton / Eike Batista / Amanico Ortega /´╗┐ Larry Ellison…..Not famous but they are Billionares….Being Famous does not define Success….

  18. aveimeris says:

    That was really´╗┐ funny!

  19. annacorder says:

    You’re a´╗┐ really good editor.

  20. dixietaft says:

    awesome video´╗┐ man

  21. kendraleatherwood says:

    Cool video.´╗┐

  22. TheLaureleew says:

    that´╗┐ is so cool

  23. javonDadvis says:

    Nice editing!´╗┐

  24. baopor says:

    lovee´╗┐ urr vidsss ­čÖé

  25. jugGalette3134202003 says:

    That was a´╗┐ cool video.

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