Lawman Part 9 of 9 (1971 movie)

Part 9, thanks for watching!

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  1. nonocat76 says:

    One of best western films, great acting from Burt Lancaster, we miss him!!

  2. norybad says:

    price was a punk.

  3. schering says:

    He understood that the woman had been manipulating him into saving her man. Killing him was large part pay back.

  4. Yourdeadmeat69 says:

    If somebody can explain why Burt shot the last guy, Sheree North’s man, I’d like to know why that guy who was running away deserved a bullet. For the life of me, I can only offer one explanation, but I’d like to hear others. Seemed awful out of , well ,character.

  5. hogsnplanes says:

    Never saw this one, Thanks, made for a good night shift! 🙂

  6. pacoloco729 says:

    yeah, boy

  7. pacoloco729 says:

    one of the tougher
    hardcore westerns
    ever, thanks for sharing

  8. pacoloco729 says:

    nice tits on sheree

  9. MrStevecro says:

    to think this woman later played Kramer’s mum Babs in Seinfeld … revealing his christian name to be Kosmo. At episode’s end (the Switch 1995) she was making out with Newman, quite a fall from Burt

  10. MrStevecro says:

    I don’t recall ever seeing this movie but watched all 9 parts without getting up. Thanks for posting.

  11. s13hgp says:

    Brilliant Burt !

  12. MrEnforcer911 says:

    I never saw this one..I was nice.

  13. MrFarhadtab says:

    thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  14. skaggmo says:

    I was always a big fan of Westerns and Burt Lancaster. But somehow I never watched this one until now. Man, what a good movie! It ranks right up there with the best of all time.

  15. splinterman9 says:

    Cold as ice ! thanks

  16. vinnieoftheturks says:

    I was shocked buy burt ruthlessly shooting him in the back. Loved it! 🙂

  17. wrght9185 says:

    Great movie…thanks for uploading it.

  18. pininagacha says:

    good movie and like always good acting from mr. lancaster

  19. RobertLoneKnight says:

    OOOKKAAA! just about where did you get this version of this great classic film?

  20. deriter64 says:

    Joseph Wiseman was certainly a versatile actor. I was half way through this fine film before I realized he was Dr. No and Maranzano in the Valachi Papers.

  21. rintintin1960 says:

    Burt Lancaster does so well in movies, along with Robert Ryan, Lee J Cobb,
    Robert Duvall, and Ralph Waite.


    great movie

  23. Hendrikdevuile says:

    Very good movie, which is to be expected in one that has Robert Duvall in a minor rôle. Sheree North, who here reveals rather more of her charms than was usual in earlier westerns, was indeed an attractive and talented actress, a cuddlesome mixture of Marilyn Monroe and Susan Sarandon.

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