Lawman Part 1 of 9 (1971 movie)

Directed by Michael Winner. Starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, and Lee J. Cobb.

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  1. Yourdeadmeat69 says:

    Critics panned this movie, a sure sign its great. Wiki says Lancaster sucked the life out of the role-missing the character was someone who, had life sucked out of him. Guess they wanted him to dance around Vera Cruz style. Saw it in the Abrams Complex Theater Frankfurt West Germany, for 35 cents in 1971, empty theater, in Army fatigues just before staff duty.

    I was young, the world was simpler, silver in your pocket really was.

    Before they sucked the life out of our money, and us.

  2. SuperTrainguard says:

    Great movie. Not only for Burt Lancaster but for Lee J Cobb & Robert Ryan. This is one of Ryan’s two great roles before his death. The other was The wild Bunch. He has some great lines. When Harvey Stenbaugh asks him if he is scared of Lancaster “no Harve, I’m not on his list”. To Crow “You may not think much of me but I know what I’m talking about. You might be faster but he will kill you.” To Cobb about Lancaster “Some men don’t bend. They can’t be bought & won’t trade”.

  3. venomlegions says:

    Have this on DVD, and saw it fort the first time… Was an awesome fim… Probably the darkest movie Lancaster has ever done, and the darkest western I’ve ever seen in some time…

  4. 1middlesbrough says:

    this was a kind of “British spaghetti western” of sorts with a British director , made in Mexico i believe

  5. MrJaymarq says:

    Saw this movie for the first time this year and liked it, great western with the great Burt Lancaster!!

  6. splinterman9 says:

    Hardcore Lawman cold as ice, gotta love it !, thanks for sharing

  7. compton300 says:

    Oysterman, you legend. A rare version of Lawman. We got the 12 rated version on Sky HD. But here is the version I first saw on TV in the late 70’s. Winner also made Chatos Land. If you want to see where the plot from Alien came fro, watch it.!

  8. CruelRomancePictures says:

    I just discovered this movie a couple years ago. It’s so good. I love Burt Lancaster and this is one of his best! It’s better than Unforgiven. It really shows the repercussions of violence. And the ending does not disappoint! One of the best westerns ever- I don’t know why it’s not more well known.

  9. MAnnaconduit1 says:

    god this guy is bad ass

  10. zitadelle31 says:

    scottmrng5 Burt was the last of the breed of real men you took seriously. PERIOD!!!

  11. lizardAZ1 says:

    I mess the days when Old Tucson Studios made these great westerns.

  12. IAmOysterman says:

    And I will take that credit, for I am the uploader. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  13. dhongorom says:

    This is wonderful movie, I just loved it. Credit goes to the uploader.

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