Law of Attraction: The Secret is Law of Magnetism

http://www.masteryourlifevideos.com. The secret of the law of attraction is the law of magnetism. Magnetic attraction is the secret. Be a love magnet for sel…
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  1. Jonathan Thomas says:

    Science literally proves that everything is an illusion. Everything has a
    false image of being solid and unchangeable, but einstein proved with E=mc
    squared means that if you look at anything under a microscope, it looks
    nothing like it appears with the human eye, and that it’s all just ENERGY!
    Everything in our physical universe is just attractable or repealable
    ENERGY. This is why we reap what we sow, because anything you could
    possibly sow is just energy, and energy can be attracted or repelled just
    like a magnet. Sow “X” Reap “X”
    “X” = absolutely anything (including money)

  2. attractingabundance8 says:

    You are right. Love is a strong emotion. It is a strong feeling that
    magnetize your intention. Your intention is what you want, it is what you
    desire. You attract what you want because you feel for it. That brings what
    you desire towards you. It’s the law of attraction. You are attracting what
    you want, with the feelings of love of what you want.

  3. Eggy Hendriawan says:

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