Launching Your Business To The Next Level (My Cancun Takeaway)

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  1. Luchozenker says:

    Gosh!… I don’t know how the hell I ended up´╗┐ on this video but let me tell you something. You are super hot Katie… I dont really care about how to launch a business so I just muted this video and just look how beutiful you are. That’s why I muted, just to avoid being disapointed. ­čÖé For what I see you have great comments too, I don’t wanna risk it cyberfalling for you and see all your videos LOL! just kidding….

  2. rickfromhome says:

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  3. pebbelscarz says:

    awesome work´╗┐ =)) good job keep it up!

  4. antoniemcquire says:

    this is a great business´╗┐ tip.

  5. GeraldGigerl says:

    We can see that you enjoyed´╗┐ your stay in mexico!

  6. sandwich451 says:


  7. Gideon Shalwick says:

    Looks like a great resort Katie!

    Sounds like you had a great time with the mastermind!

    So valuable those for getting clarity.

    It’s also interesting that the main issues you guys found were the more holistic type of issues, and not the nitty gritty stuff like´╗┐ traffic and conversions. It just shows again that there is a lot more deeper stuff to success than just strategies.

    Love your excitement on your videos! Keep it up!

    Gideon Shalwick

  8. millionairesworldbiz says:

    Excellent Video, the quality of the video is really high.

    Where are all the people? it was deserted?

    What´╗┐ type of camera & video you use?


  9. Marylmac says:

    Go girl Go!
    All successful athletes,groups etc use coaches, so why not´╗┐ business people?
    Just because we’re in business, does not mean we know it all!
    Good one.
    Deliver your gifts to the world Katie and keep encouraging those of us dragging the chain to get a wriggle on and shine in our corners of the world and not to continue hiding our gifts under a barrel!
    Thanks again,

  10. ckhang says:

    how come there´╗┐ are no people there at all until the last scene? I’m talking about the resort in Cancun…

  11. claudelebel55 says:

    that’s right´╗┐ … how can you bring peace and happiness to the world when you are yourself conflicted or running away from yourself. Life is first of all about being. Let not your happiness be dependent on achieving …. I will be happy when ….. Being first. Find the place where you are already happy and at peace whatever the circumstances … check out Mooji or Adyashanti for a whole other perspective.

  12. s216597ash says:

    Wow´╗┐ you are stunningly beautiful if you don’t mind me saying.

    Namaste Katie.

  13. Rachel Jackson says:

    Thumbs up if´╗┐ you think Katie looks even MORE beautiful with a Cancun tan (:

  14. Rachel Jackson says:

    Thumbs up if you think Katie looks even MORE´╗┐ beautiful with a Cancun tan (:

  15. Rachel Jackson says:

    Thumbs up if you think Katie looks even MORE beautiful with´╗┐ a Cancun tan (:

  16. Rachel Jackson says:

    Thumbs up if you think Katie´╗┐ looks even MORE beautiful with a Cancun tan (:

  17. Rachel Jackson says:

    Thumbs up if´╗┐ you think Katie looks even MORE beautiful with a Cancun tan (:

  18. kingdmp1 says:

    i hope you dont mind´╗┐ me asking but wat kind of camera do you use

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