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  1. Eme Kate says:

    Does he´╗┐ hav justin b on his shirt

  2. thedaregames69 says:

    Beutal u can go kill yourself´╗┐

  3. Beutel2727 says:

    you are a big faggot. your mom must have done a lot of meth when she was pregnant with you because´╗┐ you are a big retarded cock sucker.

  4. Alien KingB says:

    @kien wai wong You shut up up you fucking dork. Just because everything she said´╗┐ is true, you can’t handle it. Gaga is a clown that will be.forgotten in a few years time

  5. Ay LingLing says:

    Mrs.Spears´╗┐ all the way.She is Queen of Pop.no one can beat her !!!!!!!!!lady garbage is disgusting!!!

  6. khlmr96 says:

    britney´╗┐ spears

  7. kenneth soriano says:

    britney only lip syncs because she has to keep up to her amazing dance moves (FYI´╗┐ im talking about the old britney) unlike gaga, who wears nonsense, britney can beat gaga

  8. becky3512 says:

    HAHAH LOL Justin BIEBER´╗┐ shirt!! I LOVE JB!!<3

  9. Rikkimaru Yukimura says:

    Britney Ftw.´╗┐ Gaga is ok but Britney is much more talented ^_^

  10. kien wai wong says:

    @Shahzad Najafipour
    Shut up ugly fat´╗┐ bitch

  11. Shahzad Najafipour says:

    Britney there is no time to think its britney and at least we were fans of britney for many years and we know her and we know that she is sexy as hell and when she says watch me on stage everybody’s eyes are on britney and britney had sold 100 million world wild and she has Walk of fame her perfume broke the record sale in it’s first week and britney had 7. Best grousing tours and ate ash´╗┐ she is not two face person and she laid

  12. FreeLoveForever18 says:

    I hope all you Gaga fans realize that Gaga herself has said that she idolizes Britney. She has also called Britney the Queen Of Pop. And isn’t Gaga supposed to be all about love´╗┐ and acceptance. You Gaga fans are the most hateful people alive.

  13. Reema Rahman says:

    Carry on hailing that horsey faced retard and bash the gorgeous,´╗┐ sensual sweetheart Britney.

  14. Reema Rahman says:

    “Better dancer” LMFAO, I almost died with laughter at that comment. Gaga is a fuck ugly, attention seeking clown that´╗┐ doesn’t know shit all about art. She has no integrity at all and her songs are hollow, generic, repetitive, nonsensical garbage. Britney’s songs touches the soul, lol, how many soul’s has Gaga’s so called music touched?? Her music is empty, forgettable. Britney is a legend, she’s in the hall of fucking fame and your “music god” (pfft!) GagGag never will be.

  15. Kieran Aylward says:


  16. SmileyMikee says:

    but gaga has more talent and´╗┐ will outlast britney

  17. SmileyMikee says:

    as you can see in my other comment gaga writes about love and loss, Britney about being slutty. Also Gaga is amazing looking, has more talent, better dancer, has worked with much´╗┐ more talented people than britney. Gaga is confident enough to dress with artistic style. There is art in her performances not over choreagraphed shit that is produced the same in every Spears production. Gaga doesnt lip sync. And there is proof of Britney lip syncing. and she’s popular because she is fucking talented

  18. SmileyMikee says:

    Ok lets compare Lady Gaga’s lyrics and Britneys
    Put on your shades, ’cause I’ll be dancing in the flames (metaphor)
    Tonight, yeah, baby! (Tonight, yeah, baby!)
    It isn’t hell if everybody knows my name tonight (Morbid love metaphor)
    (Alright! Alright!)
    as I cant seem to fing a song Spears wrote I will use one she co-wrote
    It’s whippin’my hair, it’s pullin’ my waistThe sweat is drippin’ all over my face I’m´╗┐ the only one dancin’ up in this placeFeel the beat of the drum, gotta keep it that bass

  19. Reema Rahman says:

    Face it, if Gaga didn’t have a´╗┐ good singing voice, she’d be fucked as she’s UGLY, CAN’T DANCE, CAN’T EVEN WRITE DECENT LYRICS (i’ve provided a couple of examples of her “lyrical excellence”) is slutty, dresses horrendous, lol, tell me why she’s so popular again??

  20. Reema Rahman says:

    At least Britney doesn’t go round claiming to feel so sorry 4 gays and ppl that got bullied, for publicity – Britney’s REAL. And if Gaga’s such a good singer why does she CLEARLY get her voice enhanced in her songs? And why does make shit like ‘wanna take a ride on your disco stick’´╗┐ & ‘p-p-p-poker-face-poker-face-ma-ma-ma-ma’ ?? Gaga’s “talents” are wasted if she makes inane garbage like that. At least a lot of Britney’s songs are actually meaningful.

  21. 899sexygirl says:

    Baby one more time sold 26 million copies. The fame sold 15 million copies. Oops´╗┐ I did it again sold 28 million copies. The fame monster sold 16 million copies. Britney sold 22 million copies. Born this way sold 5 million copies. In the zone sold 20 million copies. Blackout sold 2.6 million copies. Circus sold 3.6 million copies. Femme Fatale sold over 2 million copies. BRITNEY PRINCESS OF POP!

  22. SmileyMikee says:

    LOL. Gaga has one of´╗┐ the best singing voices in modern music, and even tony bennett said that (if you don’t know who that is he is a really talented Jazz singer). Britney is famous for autotune and faking her way into fame. Gaga actually has talent

  23. Reema Rahman says:

    Who gives a fuck? At least she’s more honest than Lady Garbage, Britney doesn’t go ‘Oh I’m such a music God, I’m so artistic yadda yadda’ The ability to sing RELATIVELY well live is ALL that Gaga’s got. Britney on the other hand has got the looks, the dancing talent, the stage presence, the humble personality, the record sales, a star in he walk´╗┐ of fame and most of all the extremely loyal fans <3 (Gaga's fans are just delusional)

  24. SupergurlSkyler says:

    Your very´╗┐ rude sir.

  25. c4987 says:

    well your´╗┐ “legendary pop icon” can’t sing live.

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