KINJAZ: High For This @elliegoulding | Choreography by Anthony Lee

the kin·seng herb (人参) noun A powerful hallucinogen which heightens and unlocks the spirit energy within. Found only in the subterranean hemisphere and is extremely rare. Possible side effects include paralysis, involuntary super strength, and in 73% of known cases, death. Legend tells of only one man capable of consistent use and survival. — Choreography by: Anthony Lee Conceptualized and Written by: Jason Bueno, Anthony Lee, and Mike Song Director/Editor: X Director of Photography: Chris Yu Cinematography: Chris Yu DP Assistant: Ryan Johnson Music: Ellie Goulding Remix – “High For This” Featured Dancers: Anthony Lee, Mike Song, Jed Florano, Josh “Ace” Ventura, Noah Henderson, Jason Bueno, Darren Wong, Mikey Andaya, Shawn Duong Special Thanks: Steven “Villn” Lor, Michael “Mpact” Lor, Jonathan Shih, Boogiezone Utopia Continue the Saga….SUBSCRIBE!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Takarra Smith says:

    I love what you did before the video!
    Wouldn’t even expect it to be a dance video!
    I respect it! It’s different and I love the dance you did with the song!

  2. rundelaaron says:

    i tought that it was just an movie

  3. XxpeinarutoxX says:

    this is the hokage jacket!

  4. SharonxCarina says:

    i love this song!

  5. Veezy Bee says:

    Your time and effort really payed off ! Well done Looks sick !

  6. MRKJONES74 says:

    Where we’re the red mask purchased at?

  7. Alex LaVallee says:

    3rd Hokage

  8. SnoopyMonstuh says:

    where did you get those awesome masks?!?!?

  9. imyahboo14 says:

    Omg ! Dat was tight .. but aht da end was funni

  10. morgan madekwe says:

    Omg he was smoking and started coughing at the end lol

  11. PsychosocialFREAK01 says:

    pretty much kinjaz are jabbawockez

  12. Mark Pascua says:

    Some of the Kinjaz are Jabbawockez

  13. Mark Pascua says:

    Some of the Kinjaz are Jabbawockezz

  14. WoF PaK says:

    Jabbawackees are overated. Kinjas are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

  15. FantasiyGround says:

    You should make a choreo with Jabbawockeez

  16. Tony Huynh says:

    no human can be that precise in their movements. what are you guys and what are you doing here on earth?!

  17. MrSherlockHomeboy says:

    High For this (cover by Ellie Goulding)

  18. blackguy926 says:

    love the song what’s the name

  19. ILovebrownees says:

    Why did this video turn me on!!! gahhh so sexyy!!

  20. musiclove005ish says:


  21. mshalley17 says:

    the ending, hilarious 

  22. tekudriger says:

    ellie goulding

  23. RankAnime says:

    Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze

  24. jesseb1021 says:

    thanks for trying to help…its a song from Pirates of The Caribbean

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