Kids Social Network

Social networking sites for kids like Webcarzz, Elf Island and Club Penguin are growing in popularity. Well tell you which sites are out there, how they work and how you can keep you child safe while using them.
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  1. imaligor says:

    I mean…. it’s a good website for kids my age

  2. n1ck3lback111 says:

    club penguin rules!

  3. cutiger02 says:

    Elf Island is a great site for kids. It rewards the players for “doing good”.

  4. grasandcow says:

    club penguin ftw

  5. cruisesstar22 says:

    I love love love clubpenguin my penguin is 321days old. I know theres a ClubPenguin store somewhere i seen it on youtube and it has everything where is that store located at

  6. lindafay1 says:

    I tried a site called Dizzywood that’s meant for kids. They play games to earn points to dress up their character, buy new kinds of transportation (skate boards I believe), buy new games, etc. I’m 18 and most of the games were fun for me even (usually games meant for little kids can be boring for older people). It’s heavily moderated, too.

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