Keyword Research Tutorial 5

www.createanddesignwebsites.com With so many ways of generating traffic to your web site and with keyword suggestion tools to speed up the process for you, I would like to show you one of these methods and that is keyword research. Within this 6 part video tutorial I will explain step by step exactly how to generate great keyword research using the google search tool, show you how to optimize your articles or website, so that you understand exactly how to actually get on page one of google and also where the missing links are hiding that will get you a tonne of traffic to your website. http PLEASE RATE AND SUBSCRIBE…
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  1. Kalatiso says:

    do you have a NLP background?

  2. Bassmunchkin1 says:

    @vendeta912 Hi and many thanks for your very kind words which I really appreciate. I have tried to send you a reply, but get a message that I cannot send it, unless you accept my friend request.

    If you can accept my friend request, then I will reply with an update to your questions.

    All the best,

  3. vendeta912 says:

    Once again great videos.  Thank you for taking the time to put up this tutorial!! I just had a question as to how you split it up I’m still not understanding that part. I’m looking at my keyword list and its a lot longer than the one you have on here. I don’t know I guess I’m just not seeing something. Thank you for you time and like your vids:)

  4. Bassmunchkin1 says:

    @slimshady22248202 Hi Ray, if something that I have produced has made life some what easier for you, then it was well worth the effort.

    Many thanks once again for your kind words,

  5. slimshady22248202 says:

    Great Videos, Very Informative. I have did Keyword Research. But I like the Spreadsheet Explanations.


  6. Bassmunchkin1 says:


    That’s why I made them Steve and thanks
    for your kind comment.

    I hope that others will find the subject
    easier to understand now.


  7. Bassmunchkin1 says:


    I guess all the time they took was worth it then.

    Appreciate your thoughts


  8. WYNDHAMW says:

    I agree with Steve Bass Recommends, really great content! and so true!

  9. Stevebassrecommends says:

    this set of videos are really making a difficult subject interesting

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