Ketchup Wars: Can a Condiment Challenger Break Through?

When it comes to ketchup, most Americans usually reach for the reliable and recognizable bottle of Heinz. But a new brand named Sir Kensington’s has stepped …
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  1. ZAGAT says:

    *When you think of ketchup, chances are only one brand comes to mind. A new
    brand is trying to change that.*

    What do you think? Would you try Sir Kensington’s ketchup?

  2. jeff cowen says:

    I am one of the few who doesn’t enjoy Heinz ketchup. I can tolerate it, but
    I am always happier if Hunt’s is served. I’m surprised the people on the
    street couldn’t think of it-they do a lot of marketing. Hunt’s is made
    without the high fructose corn syrup, and it tastes less fake to me. I am
    very curious to try Sir Kensington’s, of which I have never before heard.

  3. James Mulcahy says:

    Can a non-Heinz ketchup ever really compete? Let’s find out…

  4. Wilbur Snaffel says:

    I LOVE Ketchup. #1) Heinz #2) Red Gold

  5. Gabriel Bayley says:

    Red Duck Ketchup is AWESOME!!!

  6. Kevin O says:

    Zagat, please make more of these videos. Very cool!

  7. KFCJones says:

    Chef brand is my favorite. More clove (or some related cookie spice) than
    Heinz. I stock up when I go to Ireland. Try it, you’ll be pleased! I

  8. JadxiaL says:

    Sir Kensington is really good, especially when you want a thicker ketchup
    for making BBQ sauce. But I will also use the organic Heinz. Now if SK
    were organic….

  9. cadr003 says:

    Im filipino and we use something called banana ketchup.

  10. edward kenway says:

    ya WHATABURGER ketchup is the best

  11. High Speed Pursuits (HSP) says:

    I am ready to try the new standard in ketchup Sir Kensington’s but where??
    Please make it a point to visit the In-N-Out Burger Corporation and offer
    your ketchup to them you can retire if they say yes!!!

  12. Patrick Tevlin says:

    Can a non-Heinz ketchup ever really compete? Let’s find out…

  13. Alec Doran-Twyford says:

    Heniz is all I really know. There is watties (Heniz Down under brother)
    which is too vinegary for my liking and seem to also be the generic flavour
    of Australian and new zealand ketchup. I never really seen any other about
    might have to do that next time I am in a supermarket. I do prefer natural
    ingredients over artificial ones.

  14. fadedsmile says:

    lol am i the only one that hates any type of condiments? 

  15. Ira T says:

    Got some this evening. WAY better than Heinz!!!

  16. oTKMAXo says:

    Here in the UK we have a brand called Stokes. They do a Bloody Mary version
    of ketchup and for me it is the daddy! I choose it over Heinz every time.
    If you’re ever in the UK you should definitely try it! Google Stokes Bloody
    Mary Ketchup

  17. TheCookiexMonster1 says:

    Whataburger spicy ketchup is the best 

  18. Emil Karim says:

    I didn’t even know sir kensington’s made ketchup! I use their mayo and
    spicy brown mustard!

  19. Kevin Bender says:

    Sir Kensington is your run of the mill trust fund baby company. I have yet
    to see where, how they make it. They treated 6 recipes before making the
    product. Vacuum salesmen indeed. 

  20. slidetopoweroff says:

    2:10 That dude with the moustache looks like Pornstache from Orange is the
    New Black hahaha

  21. Cathy Kornfield says:

    I love Sir Kensington products – buy their ketchup, mayo and mustards.
    First found the ketchup at the local grocery. Now I order it online. 

  22. shararehali says:

    Here in Germany we have many different ketchup labels but Heinz is the best
    one. Except the homemade ketchup at the restaurant I work sometimes is
    better if somebody could bottle that taste I would be sold.

  23. Jay W says:

    Yes, the Whataburger hamburger chain has a great spicy ketchup, and you can
    buy it at the HEB grocery chain.

  24. PhaTs00p says:

    mayo > ketchup

  25. Terence Horsman says:

    I love these long video’s. Keep it up!

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