Kesha We R Who We R Music Video

Ryan James Yezak presents the music video for Kesha’s “We R Who We R”. No Copyright Infringement intended. I do not own the rights to this song. Ryan James Yezak’s: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: tinyurl.com YouTube: youtube.com Christian Beasley’s: Facebook: bit.ly Twitter: twitter.com YouTube: youtube.com Joe Lauer’s: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: bit.ly YouTube: youtube.com Scott Nelson’s: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: is.gd YouTube: youtube.com David Rae’s: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: is.gd Cory Lee’s: Facebook: is.gd Twitter: twitter.com Donna Hood’s: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: is.gd Alexander Stabler’s: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: is.gd Derion Loman’s Facebook: is.gd Brian Ruiz & Christopher Michael Chaney’s Facebook: is.gd Nick Vosian’s Facebook: is.gd http:///americanapparel.net www.factorynightclub.com 2xist.com Special Thanks To AIDS Life Cycle! Check out Team Popular www.tofighthiv.org/goto/teampopular

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  1. claudiakitsch says:


  2. manganerd101 says:

    Mo sound

  3. TheMusiclover500 says:

    Omg the sound works!

  4. MasterWylesLady says:

    >.< no!!

  5. Italian98Girl says:

    Thank you so much!!! =D

  6. LEPOfficer1998 says:

    Oh, i thought my headphones were broken, what happened to the audio?

  7. lunarkitsune14 says:

    htt p :// ww w. youtube . com /watch ?v= PL4EKSW3HR0

    Has the original audio to the video. You’re welcome.

  8. Chelsie77723 says:

    but when they have the little skit in it it throws it off

  9. caligator100 says:

    Wats up with no volume???

  10. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    I did the same!!! LOL

  11. retrohowl2989 says:

    I can’t hear anything

  12. 101Natalieeee says:

    You guys are so sexy. Are you all gay?

  13. Michael Sexton says:

    there is like to volume to this. I mean it is great to watch but you can’t listen to it

  14. TheDoglover4567 says:

    SO Many Cute Boys!!!! Jake Lewis has the hottest body!!!!!!!!!!

  15. NotA2ndClassCitizen says:

    Sound is on there for me

  16. MrNutiu says:

    ww . vplay . ro /watch/kt183h6a/ original video with sound

  17. fiona tomyn says:

    keep makeing vids so funny

  18. lauriebeabea says:

    I had sound! Weird no one else does

  19. Chelsie77723 says:

    ok i dont want to follow around with everyone else but… WHERES THE SOUND!

  20. NadirTV says:

    It works well on my iPhone 🙂 it includes the audio as well.

  21. Amirulezyas1 says:

    Stupid audio. Dx

  22. cattycorner4 says:

    PLEASE open the Ke$ha song in another window and play the simultaneously. :3

  23. Oksana McQuiggan says:


  24. DanceWaterDance9 says:

    The sounds gone ;(

  25. gamemakeridiot says:

    You need to re upload it and get sound aproved

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