Kentucky Wildcats Coach Calipari Recruiting Video (2012 Midnight Madness)

www.kysportsreport.com This is the recruiting video Cal shows to recruits, shown during the 2012 Big Blue Madness. Apologies for the angle and interference o…
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  1. jrodfootball21 says:

    George mason my nigga

  2. AFiorellaUK2K says:

    Are you from TN too my man?

  3. Ken Naga says:

    If only Enes Kanter is eligible to play. damn!

  4. jrodfootball21 says:

    Haha your record shows it and as far as I’m concerned we are number one you dumb Fuck and us hillbillies? You got a nig named nerlins so tell me something i dont know

  5. BigBlueFan1987 says:

    You’re just butthurt because a bunch of hillbillies as you call us are better than everyone else at basketball.

  6. BluTrevFIFA says:


  7. jrodfootball21 says:

    Other than Baylor haha you guys blow i have no respect for you guys your bitch ass coach backed out on us and I’m sorry your state has a bad rep for hillbillies

  8. zero00grav says:

    Good one, thats why all the people at my school are black, mexican, white, and occasionally asian. Yeah, I’m sure I’m inbred to them. People say stupid stuff like that just because they have nothing else on Kentucky..

  9. TheCatFan21 says:

    Every human being on the planet is theoretically family. Nice try, Farmer Brown.

  10. jrodfootball21 says:

    Haha you guys are all family that’s why you all turn out imbred

  11. Cory Jones says:

    Kentucky basketball does not have a fan base..it has a family

  12. GTR1nissan says:

    exactly he was the most most underated player on the team but his ability to score efficiently moving without the basketball,was essential on a high octance team loaded with players like MKG and Anthony Davis who constantly need the ball at all times.

  13. Braden Evans says:

    Doron Lamb won them the national championship. He was the only consistent three point shooter besides Kyle

  14. GTR1nissan says:

    How could you not pay homage to Doron Lamb one of the MOST IMPORTANT pieces to the 2012 championship

  15. GTR1nissan says:

    Cousins is overated

  16. 1744stanton says:

    Ay everyone go follow me @stanton1744 go big blue!

  17. MSH68 says:


  18. halolover909 says:

    Kentucky is soo good… Just like Alabama in football. I hate them but you have to give respect…

  19. N. Corman says:


  20. SaltusEtiam says:

    the universe

  21. projectdsm90 says:

    I love coach Cal

  22. Sherry Pena says:

    Damn this brought tears to my eyes! Love love love it!

  23. DSwaby21 says:

    Kentucky is hands down the best basketball program in the world.

  24. abombrichy says:

    Where do I sign? WOW!!!!

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