Katie Freiling’s The Unified Tribe Review by Rachel Jackson

www.WealthWithRachel.com – Thinking about joining a syndication network? Katie Freilings “The Unified Tribe” truly is a community with purpose. The Unified Tribe allows you to connect with about 1000 other internet marketers and create a sharing frenzy! Once you are a member of The Unified Tribe (around you have access to contact and create your “inner circle tribe” of friends and fans! This is all about getting in front of new audiences…because these Unified Tribe members are most likely connected to completely DIFFERENT set of people than you are. The Unified Tribe is an affordable way to get massive syndication quickly. No waiting months or years to build a raving following. What an amazing way to dramatically increase your SEO & social proofing. Check out The Unified Tribe & more about Katie Freiling here: Unified.WhoisRachelJackson.com Want to connect? Facebook www.facebook.com Blog: www.whoisracheljackson.com Dailybooth www.dailybooth.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. deliciajenkins says:

    I’ve been with UT for over a few months now and it’s amazing how much value and relationships you find there. So glad that you’re a member also. Thanks RJ.

  2. livingsimplyrich says:

    Thank you again Racheal. I like following you because you project trust and credibility.
    Thank you,
    Rochelle Marie

  3. hfrink says:

    as always, you are fantastic! 

  4. KennyAtcheson says:

    Love your videos Rachel. This is a good resource. I have to admit though I am looking forward to another one of your fun vids.

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