Katie Freiling & Rachel Jackson – Cash in on You Part 2/3

cashin.wealthwithrachel.com – There are a few people who have come into my life that have made an impact on me beyond belief… as a young female entrepreneur – there were few “pictures of success” that I could relate with… Until I met Katie Freiling! Katie has gone from 000 in credit card debt to creating over a 0000 a year income, total financial freedom, and probably one of the biggest rockstar brand names in the online home based business industry… Katie and I have gotten to know each other very well over the past 2 years and I was able to pin her down for an EXCLUSIVE detailed interview on her story…

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  1. mat00012 says:

    Once again great job guys. I love how you talked about being unique even when your trying to model someone, we have to put our own spin and personality into our brand. This is a sick interview, you guys should do a podcast every month just talking about business, that would be wicked 🙂

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