Katie Freiling & Rachel Jackson – Cash in on You Part 1/3

cashin.wealthwithrachel.com – There are a few people who have come into my life that have made an impact on me beyond belief… as a young female entrepreneur – there were few “pictures of success” that I could relate with… Until I met Katie Freiling! Katie has gone from 000 in credit card debt to creating over a 0000 a year income, total financial freedom, and probably one of the biggest rockstar brand names in the online home based business industry… Katie and I have gotten to know each other very well over the past 2 years and I was able to pin her down for an EXCLUSIVE detailed interview on her story…
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  1. TheSlimkitten says:

    From your knees? hahahaha

  2. perryoveritas says:

    Awesome. I can just FEEL the substance!

  3. Fonkology says:

    Thanks so much for this video.. you got a point there .. taking action.,. inner things.. when all your friends say.. do something to help others with pc problems.. you know your stuff so good.. it is hard to start a site.. so many ideas, no idea where to begin. I follow a lot of men marketeers.. but you are the best women in this industry.. thanks for you knoledge! keep it going! excuus me spelling ; ) keep up the great vids Rachel!

  4. SponsoringAnEmpire says:

    Wow this is awesome!!! You must face your fears look them dead in the eye..
    We must show up and take action great words of advice…

    “Perfect doesn’t exist” Katie Freling

  5. BabElOued75 says:


  6. HannahsHolistics says:

    It’s so interesting to see both of these lovely ladies in this interview format! So well done. Thank you, Katie & Rachel!!

  7. lovelife02 says:

    You guys are great :-)

  8. MrGabrield26 says:

    cool video so true!

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