Katie Freiling on the personal journey of being an entrepreneur

theinnerentrepreneur.com – Katie Freiling is an Internet entrepreneur, coach, educator, and speaker. Follow link to see longer free videos about her Cash In On You coaching program for entrepreneurs. Katie Freiling says: “I’ve gone from in debt to building an online brand that brings in over 5ka year; all from following my heart, leveraging my talents, and becoming a force for inspiration and empowerment in the world.” She mentions a number of issues that can affect anyone, but may have particular significance for entrepreneurs. See this post for details, plus links to multiple related articles: “Katie Freiling on her personal growth as an entrepreneur.” theinnerentrepreneur.com
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  1. BarbaraFoxworth says:

    Way cool idea for a video! Loved it! 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. bill4long says:

    show yer boobs

  3. DavidMerrill101 says:

    I certainly can relate to the money as a security blanket notion, Katie.

    We are always told that money isn’t everything, yet almost everything we do is geared toward getting some of it, or more of it. I think it’s a great concept to invest in yourself, not into simply building a bank account.

    I always enjoy your videos, and learn tremendously from your leadership. Keep it rollin’ Katie.

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