Kate’s Bow Kill

My wife Kate’s first deer kill, a dandy eight with her Diamond Razor Edge Bow! Killed 9/26/2011.
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  1. jbilly24 says:

    Awesome!! Congrats!!

  2. newkirkrtr1 says:

    Nice birthday buck, too bad I wasn’t the hunter lol.

  3. ThrillAndKillBoys says:

    What a shot congrats on a monster buck and for your first one way to go.I was wondering if i should get this bow and im thinking im going to get it tomorrow lol.Good luck and nice hunting.

  4. lazagamin says:

    and youd be right to do so 😀

  5. oemSqurl says:

    yes for sure,, or the Hoyt Ruckus.

  6. lazagamin says:

    no bullshit just troll

  7. Dylan0438383 says:

    just go to 2:50

  8. seversic says:

    i smell bullshit

  9. lazagamin says:

    mm k don care for stalkers dat muck lol

  10. cbennett926 says:

    Judging by the other videos you watch, and the fact you are listed as 24, I am going to have to completely disbelieve you.

  11. gf319804 says:

    @lptuck she is shooting 50lbs, but she started out shooting 40.

  12. gf319804 says:

    @MrCRIPPLER18 It is a great beginner bow because it will grow with you without purchasing extra parts. Draw length is adjustable 19-29″, and draw weight is 30-60lbs. Very nice bow and inexpensive also!

  13. lptuck says:

    great job how much weight was she pulling my girlfriend is getting into bowhunting?

  14. MrCRIPPLER18 says:

    Is a razor edge what i should be looking at if i m 14?

  15. TheRiggenbach says:

    great deer

  16. lazagamin says:

    I use a 100 pound recurve and im 16 i dont pull it all the way back i average at 80 im tryin to get some decent arrows cause i usually make them myself…

  17. zach fitz says:

    good shot..

  18. StarbuC82 says:

    Keep hunting young lady, nice shot and a great looking buck!

  19. dave6949 says:

    Good job!You go girl!I love seeing this youger generation of young women discovering how much fun there is to be had in the field;not to mention the incredible organic foods.In these trying times it just may be that the hunters have the edge.

  20. rcarroll32 says:

    great job!!

  21. kennethlucas90 says:

    No lungs there. All spine. Makes tracking a lot easier. Nice buck

  22. Thraxiz94 says:

    hehe I found it funny just the thought of “is it okey” “yea it´s fine don´t worry” hehe 🙂 Great lung shot went down really nice! Searching for hunting school myself.

  23. czesu88 says:

    nice girl

  24. nativerobin says:

    Nice shot!

  25. XxSeelieTrollxX says:

    Wow great hunt , nice team work . Always good to thank God for allowing us the oppertunity to take these wonderful animals he has created for us !!

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