Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Makeup

Kate Middleton’s make has always been natural and fresh-faced, and the makeup she sported for her wedding was no different. Her eyes were very soft and neutral with earth tones, but her rosy pink cheeks and lips added a youthful pop of color! This look is extremely wearable as an everyday look, and you can even wear this makeup look for your wedding as well! Photos of the Look: i1140.photobucket.com i1140.photobucket.com Products Used: Urban Decay, The Naked Palette – Virgin, Buck, Darkhorse, and Toasted Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencil – Yeyo and Zero Sephora False Lashes – Flutter Neutrogena Brightening Skin Perfecter – Light NYX Blush – Desert Rose Sephora Lipliner Pencil – Nude NYX Black Label Lipstick – Bling NARS Lipgloss – Super Orgasm Music: “Your Song” by Elton John Please share any suggestions, comments or critiques. I’d really appreciate it :0) Thanks for watching/commenting/subscribing. Good luck to you all!

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  1. afzxx3 says:

    From Wegman’s haha! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at CVS as well. :0)

  2. HeatherlyCharmaine says:

    Where did you get that double ended eyeshadow brush?

  3. afzxx3 says:

    Yay totally glad I could help!! And I love the palette too, it’s one of my prized makeup palettes haha 😀

  4. queenbee786 says:

    I was looking for a kate wedding tutorial using the Naked palette!!! i love the palette!!! and i love the way you did the look!! I so wasn’t thinking of these colors for the look

  5. afzxx3 says:

    lol guess everyone wants to look like a princess! ^__^

  6. GirlWhoLikes2Comment says:

    I love how this one has a bunch of views when you normally don’t even hit one hundred~ ^_^

  7. afzxx3 says:

    @roro890890 Aww that’s so sweet of you to say :0) And don’t worry, I was in the same boat! I always thought eyeliner (espeically on my lower lashline) looked bad on me, but after doing it for my youtube vids, I realized it’s really not too bad! If you won’t wear it often, it is hard to get used to, so I am sure you DO look fabulous with liner 😀

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