Kate Buck | Basics of Social Media

womenentrepreneurshq.com . Kate Buck shares a basic strategy for entrepreneurs looking to boost their presence online. She also discusses which platform is most important, aka Facebook versus Twitter. Kate Buck also discusses the 3 must-do Social Media activities you need to implement in your business. You’ll be able to watch the full interview by visiting the main site! Krizia womenentrepreneurshq.com home based business for women, woman owned business, business woman, home based business for women, small business loans for women, business women s association, business opportunities for women, successful business women, small business grants for women, business ideas for women, women business owners,women entrepreneurs
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  1. DestinysGalaxy says:

    thanks for the info!!

  2. pinkgal109 says:

    Thanks for the share Krizia,have a great day,peace and love to you 🙂

  3. dreamitbecomeit says:

    Great Interview Krizia what software is that you are using?

  4. cosmicrider287 says:

    this went down well.

  5. drnorris56 says:

    very nice

  6. AMB1948 says:

    Tank you my friend!

  7. Haseeb2 says:

    I don’t know why someone sent me this video, but it’s interesting. Her advice it seems, is for people who already have viable ideas, products and services which they are already marketing, unlike someone like me who doesn’t know exactly what product or service I would want ot sell in the first place.

  8. coko916 says:

    This video is a blessing.

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