Karatbars International Affiliate Compensation Plan

KaratBars International with the Power Wealth Affiliate Network & 6 Digit Income. Join Karatbars International – Learn the Compensation with this Short Video! Get paid weekly and monthly! Save a Fortune in Small Denominations! Karatbars Niche Provides Financial Freedom & is Life Changing Receive 0 towards your Karatbars Package & 3% off your 999.9 Gold Bullion Exchange by reaching out to Kelly Ann Pope kellyannpope.com The new Karatbars International Business Packages will give you tremendous advantages while building your business. The Dual System will open a totally new and exciting dimension to obtain much higher commissions for all affiliates who choose to participate. Karatbars Business Packages contain many new and different items such as gold Karatbars, Karatbars presentation brochures, Promotional DVD, several Karatbars Bonus Cards which offer a 100 EUR discount for various items within the system and several 3% Bonus Cards which will give the recipient 3% discount on all gold purchases for an entire year. You can choose to use these Discount Cards for yourself or give as gifts to family, friends or prospects. Karatbars Dual System Compensation Plan will give you access to the entire turnover in your downline on ALL PRODUCTS purchased from the company within your organization. ALL products purchased in your organization will receive a unit value, which will count towards weekly cycle payouts in the Karatbars Dual System. Silver Package : 40 EUR per cycle Gold

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