JV Attraction Formula – How To Create and Motivate An Effective Army Of High Profile Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates

JV Attraction Formula – How To Create and Motivate An Effective Army Of High Profile Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates

Article by Jay Neaves

When you first hear the name JV Attraction Formula, you would be forgiven for thinking that, Andy Hussong’s program is about finding attractive joint ventures, but you’d be wrong. Very wrong! It is much, much more than the run of the mill “success formula” that Internet marketers are used to. So today, I wanted to take a different angle and explain exactly why product owners and affiliate managers need to look deeper.

So you have your product. A product you can be proud of. A product you’ve worked hard to create. Great! The problem is, unless you’re prepared to work just as hard and be just as rigorous in the creation of your affiliate program and your affiliate management, the chances are, your great product will not fulfil its sales potential. Why? Because your joint venture partners and affiliates are your foot soldiers and without getting your army fully prepared, trained and motivated, you’ll sell fewer products.

The JV Attraction Formula Private Coaching Program is about taking the tried and tested strategies, techniques and systems that the best internet marketers in the business are using RIGHT NOW, to promote and sell their products. People like John Reese and Ryan Deiss, who generate a 7 figure turnover each and every time they unveil their latest product. And where better to discover that advanced formula than from the affiliate manager who created them!

While we could talk all day about Andy Hussong and his accomplishments as one of the most sought after affiliate managers in the business, it will do little but inflate his ego… so let’s just talk about how it can benefit you and set you on the road to success by equipping with a step-by-step proven strategy and all the tools you need to implement it.You see, knowing how to create a well equipped, highly motivated army of affiliates is your biggest marketing weapon because the more foot soldiers you have to raise awareness of your product, explain the benefits of your product, and promote your product to their list, the greater the buzz and the desire about your product will be.

By following the complete, step-by-step formula Andy will be offering with the JV Attraction Formula Program, you can ensure that your affiliates are getting the word out and generating a desire for your product, all at exactly the right time! You see, the art of marketing is making the selling superfluous because by the time you launch, your product is flying off the virtual shelves because buyers have heard so much about it, they’re desperate to get their hands on it.

The JV Attraction Formula complete with the FREE JV Genie software, which by the way, is absolutely killer, will show you how to find high level joint venture partners and quality affiliates who are already in the marketplace in your niche in minutes. It will create a direct or email campaign for you, leaving you with the time to focus on other aspects of the launch. It will show you how to train, motivate and equip those affiliates for battle and how to avoid the common mistakes on the marketing battlefield.

Whatever your product, whatever the scale of your goals, your affiliate army is the key to your success and the affiliate program that you create is the difference between meeting your sales goal and failing miserably. Whether you want to sell 100, 1000 or 1,000,000 copies of your product, the process for reaching your sales potential begins with an effective affiliate program. The JV Attraction Formula lifts the veil on the insider secrets behind million dollar product launches.

About the Author

Jay Neaves is a leading online copywriter, accomplished Internet Marketer and the owner of Professional Copywriting Services.

For more information on the JV Attraction Formula, an IN-DEPTH JV Attraction Formula Review and Details of an EXCLUSIVE JV Attraction Bonus & Discount, visit Jay’s JV Attraction Formula Website.

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