JUSTIN BIEBER CAN’T COME OUT!!!! – Ke$ha SUCKS Styrofoam! – Lady Gaga Censored! – DWTS! – Remakes!

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  1. XxEpicSaucexX says:

    Someone stole your vacuum cleaner.

  2. OHELLNOMOFO says:

    I see now why people watch this show… I have never seen someone make a video while higher than a kite, I get it now, it IS funny.

  3. WalkthroughRobot says:

    i would die if they made a remake of titanic

  4. KH fan says:

    And justin beiber is the gay one?

  5. GhillieGhostAirsoft says:


  6. beatitchan says:

    mm, justin BIEBER can’t CUM OUT?!

  7. ShadowInsignia says:

    evan’s a little stiff all over… ehhhhhhy? ^_^ yum.

  8. lizi7789 says:

    milly thinks your glasses r very sexy

  9. Anthony Saviano says:

    ur kind of a piece of shit

  10. bobalabakabo says:

    you do asshole

  11. Grace P says:

    8:58 lol u wish he was stiff all over 😉 ;) nudge nudge

    Just kidding I think your aaawweeesooommeee 🙂

  12. xIStitchTheseWoundsx says:

    Scream some more!!! Lol.
    If they re-made Rocky Horror Picture Show, I would flip tits.
    Haha im just saying.

    Love you Michael!!!

  13. lildivachick says:

    He’s such a homo!

  14. Dante24516 says:

    hey i see no DeStorm behind you man

  15. Painchick1 says:

    OMG!!! Youre awesome even when you’re sick

  16. Ribeirinho51 says:

    thumbs up that Justin Bieber is tha most biggest GAY!!!in the world!

  17. saraem824 says:

    Lol u rock buck! I <3 u!!!! PS scream more!! lol

  18. emanuelleal96 says:

    jeje ok man im just asking dont get mad foo ok i just wanted to know that tnkx ItsFlapJack

  19. MurkyBit23 says:

    There’s a new Justin Bieber parody called “Bieberbread Man” by Zachary Zortman.

  20. Flap Jack says:

    For real. Yous think he gay cause he talk like her gay? …Anyways

    To answer your question yes he is. There is nothing wrong with it if you dont like it then you can easily click the red X at the top of your right

  21. emanuelleal96 says:

    For real u talk like u gay

  22. emanuelleal96 says:

    Are u gay…!!!

  23. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    Pierce Cruz Monster hit: SEE MUSIC @/watch?v=SEhm3WW67oE

  24. lovetaylorlove123 says:

    You’re such a jerk.. All you do is put people down..it makes you look like a douche bag..

  25. n2oEnts says:

    Check out the n2oEnts channel for AWESOME Ke$ha spoof!

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