Jonathan Harris: Rethinking Social Networking

Artist Jonathan Harris describes four trends that are reshaping culture in the digital age: Compression, Disposability, Curation, and Self-Promotion, and takes steps to counteract them. To learn more visit our special “Humanizing Technology” series: bigthink.com Directed / Produced by Jonathan Fowler and Elizabeth Rodd
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hoarsepants says:

    I don’t know what this guy started, but his “observations” seem more than spot on.

  2. Luzfy says:

    Persay rather than moving on a different level. The speed of communication on the lingual level will be most efficient when telepathy becomes accessible to the majority of humankind. If all of humanity is connected then a level of functioning improves to move forward more or really deal with global ambitions, goals, hypothesis, etc in a more efficient manner. Sort of the individual organism being the neuron of the world in biological terms or excuse my inadequacy- router, as her said, of commu

  3. Luzfy says:

    I think what he means by compression is the improvement in efficiency of communication. The lag of time between communication of ideas. The idea of hitting a wall is unrealistic since efficiency through a biological viewpoint as well as evolutionary viewpoint is the continuing improvement of communication. A major ingredient that allows for advancement of species, as seen with evolution of the nervous system from nerve nets to us now. There essentially isn’t a barrier just a higher plane of co

  4. BillyWillis89 says:

    I can agree with you there. But let’s be honest, that isn’t what you started out saying.

  5. Waranle says:

    shut the fuck up faggot ass or should i say mmmm attention whore

  6. KittenCollision says:

    they could have mic’d him better. I like his message, I don’t like the audio production value.

  7. R4zyel says:

    indeed amazing ideas
    and a calm voice

  8. BillyWillis89 says:

    You should really have paid better attention because you basically just validated his point.

    Being “smart” has nothing to do with being a good speaker. The guy is an artist not an entertainer or orator. He is certainly not “poorly spoken,” he has a great vocabulary and provides some really amazing insights. You are childish and seem kind of superficial.

  9. BillyWillis89 says:

    I do believe that you started bothering Kalferzu first asshole.

  10. berwwtje says:

    He’s kind of right I guess, altough people often compare themselfs to other people, they don’t really need a social network for that.

  11. henryjsx says:

    This guy is a CREEPER!! for real.

  12. Miguelthedominator says:

    I agree, self-promotion sucks…

  13. iunno12345678 says:

    none of the “friends” that people have added are actually their friends

  14. ADLMDZFFR says:

    @StillJammin friends are overrated anyway. Attention whores, who needs them. You have us. Strangers 🙂

  15. RookOfOnyx says:

    I know that feel, bro.

  16. Tinydestiny2 says:

    At least you’re still jammin.

  17. BitchBeTrollinHard says:

    i like to compare my internet experience to pop music, its always the same four notes over and over, with meaningless words which will never make you stop to think. no emotion, no feeling, no memory.

  18. UberNoodleX says:

    Oh no! Not a 500 page novel! Not a 3 hour opera! May we never have to earn our knowledge and experience again!

  19. chromosome24 says:

    I have to poop….

  20. Ayplus says:

    Allow me to put an end to this. . .friend :). . .PSYCHE!!!

  21. Waranle says:

    dimplomatic=diplomatic* just stop typing löl

  22. Waranle says:

    Suck balls boy, suck balls 🙂 

  23. MaiMusicMaiWai says:

    47 tools disliked this video.

  24. NASTEfilms says:

    tactician* dammit!

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