Jonathan Budd Speaking At Unstoppable Entrepreneur on Leadership

jonathanbudd.com. Unstoppable Entrepreneur Live Seminar Experience – We are going to have a conversation about Leadership, talking about the distinctions of Leadership as an Unstoppable Entrepreneur. We are going to take on Leadership at a new level in your life. Leaders are the ones who make things happen. Leaders are the ones who get things done.

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  1. kinbergmarketing says:

    Love it. JB is very inspirational

  2. azuretuber says:

    @halflinks do you lead a multi-million dollar company? I don’t think so
    shut the fuck up…

  3. Paralegal1966 says:

    I admire you and your message Leaders are not about ME but WE

  4. slim2688 says:

    This reminds me of the scene from Requiem For A Dream…

  5. free2pongrat says:

    Multe multumiri d-le. Jonathan Budd video przentare , foarte obiectiv benefic pentru oricine.Toate cele bune

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