Jonathan Budd ~ Scam or the Real Deal?

HowardPerks.com Is Jonathan Budd a scam or is he the real deal? If you are marketing online will will see his face and name all over the internet. The question that remains is, can he actually show you how to market your MLM online or is he just another phony looking to get your money? Several years ago I jumped online to build my network marketing business. It seemed that on every page click all I found were people making claims that they had all the answers I was looking for to build my business. As a brand new marketer online it became very hard to sort through all the CRAP! The first time I ran across Jonathan sitting there with his casual attitude and big sh@t eating grin, I though to myself, “who does this kid think he is?” He came across like he knew something that I didn’t and I wasn’t sure that I believed what he had to say. It wasn’t until I jumped back online recently that I realized who this kid with the big sh@t eating grin really was. After further research I learned that he had every reason in the world to sit there with that grin because of the HUGE success he has had online. Note to self, “never judge a book by it’s cover!” The big thing that caught my attention with Jonathan was when I decided to sign up for his email list. I was sure my email inbox was going to be bombarded with a bunch of fluffed- up hype and sales offers but to my surprise I was wrong. The information I received was actual practical how- to’s and marketing techniques that I could

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  2. aznma3 says:

    scam 101?

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