Jonathan Budd Review: Will This Guru Help You Succeed?

Jonathan Budd Review: Will This Guru Help You Succeed?

Article by Gael Clichy

Who Is Jonathan BuddJonathan has achieved incredible feats of success in the network marketing industry. He is perhaps the most talked about leader in the online MLM arena. Very few network marketers can claim to have coached, mentored and helped as many network marketers as Jonathan. He is well known for developing the “7 figure networker system,” which is a very popular system for network marketers to build their business and create upfront profits to sustain their marketing efforts.

How did Jonathan Budd get started in the MLM industry?Like many very successful network marketers, Jonathan didn’t have the best of starts in his network marketing career. He spent hours, days, weeks and months trying to build his business using traditional techniques at even rented booths in shopping malls. He literally tried all of the traditional methods, which still work for some people, but achieved little results with all of his efforts. He tried doing meetings, 3 way calls, buying ‘generic’ business opportunity leads and marketing company replicated websites, with almost no success.Many of the hardest working people I know fall into that category. Are you one of those hard working network marketers. If not, imagine, spending years working tirelessly, spending more money than you earn, continuous rejection, constant failure, yet persisting and moving on to the next prospect. Thankfully, Jonathan’s dogged determination and persistence did pay off, because his hardships helped him to rise above obscurity and later become one of the youngest millionaires in the network marketing industry.

So what was he doing wrong?Honestly, the one thing which Jonathan did wrong is what keeps many from achieving success in this industry, and that is, he only did what he was told. Have you ever been told, ‘do what you’re told and shut up’. Well, following that type of advice kept Jonathan spinning his wheels and struggling for years.

Please don’t misunderstand, following advice is important to building a successful network marketing business, however following the wrong advice will leave you tired, worn out, frustrated and broke. Many sincere network marketers fall into the trap of following ‘sage’ or guru advice, which is well meaning but at times wrong and detrimental to building their business. Initially, Jonathan followed the advice of mentors who simply told him to ‘make a list of your friends’, ‘wander around in shopping malls to meet new people’ and to ‘buy business opportunity leads.’ Does any of that sound familiar?After years of failure, Jonathan Budd finally achieved success after implementing internet based marketing strategies to build his business. He learnt a lot from a very successful online network marketer, and began branding himself and ‘attracting’ highly targeted prospects and leads to his business using attraction marketing. Jonathan Budd’s use of attraction marketing strategies helped him to develop a successful sales funnel which eventually made him a seven figure earner in network marketing.

So how exactly does Jonathan Budd market his business?Once again, that’s a question that’s beyond the scope of this article, but Jonathan, like myself and other seven figure earners in the online network marketing industry follows a simple, proven formula for success.

Will Jonathan Budd Help You SucceedAnyone who works hard and applies what Jonathan Budd teaches will see a great improvement in their profitability, downline growth and overall business success. However it is important to keep in mind, that there is no such thing as an overnight or hands off solution process in building your business.

The key to success is your ability to successful market your business. In other words, although Jonathan is a great leader and you can learn a lot from him, true success will be dependent only on what you do, that is, how you position yourself as a leader in the industry.Therefore, your goal should be to develop your personal brand rather than only using Jonathan Budd’s system or his products. I’ve personally used Jonathan Budd’s marketing system but achieved incredible success after using a different system, which is rated the number one attraction marketing system on the internet. Again, Jonathan Budd is a great leader, very legitimate and far from a scam. He is one of the most successful and shrewd marketers out there.

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