Jonathan Budd Review: How Many *EXCUSES* Does Your Sponsor Have? …And YOU Too

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  1. Climb2win says:

    This is why I love network marketing! Great video! Have you been told about The Instant Downline yet? After months of programming and preparation we have launched the worlds only forced matrix recruiting system for the North American Power business opportunity. The opportunity is free to join and the marketing system is free to use I would really love your input on what we have created. Please check out our channel for a link to the site. Thanks!

  2. WPMLM says:

    Have you seen our plugin for WordPress that turns your site into an automated forced matrix recruiting system?

  3. davidactorone says:

    YOU are RIGHT!!! excuses..! I do like this. You need a reason! Your family. Yes. ITS IN YOUR HEART..the reason WHY. YOUR DREAM MEETS REALITY…when this happens..your DREAM GROWS! :):)
    davidactorone. I do like this video. Very much.

  4. monicasancio says:

    I really like your video… and your message! Thank you! What I would like to understand is the name of the channel, Jen… do u work w Jonathan.. Anyway, I subscribed!

  5. ldobson1 says:

    Hi Jenn,

    Yes EXCUSES are certainly one of the reasons people fail at anything. Procrastination, excuses and blame seems to always get in the way of allowing a person to succeed in life.

    Go out and make it a great day!
    Lloyd Dobson 🙂

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