Jonathan Budd, Fasting and Dealing with Pain Now versus Later

TheWealthyBillionaire.com Deal with your stuff now.. and have a wonderful life later Delay your stuff now. and have a mediocre if not miserable life later…

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  1. SkankExpose says:

    You need to read a book called The Divided Mind and then look up a woman called Gale Glassner. She’s an amazing hypnotist!

  2. UnrealObserver says:

    Wow, my heart goes out to you for going through your stuff and sharing. Remember, as you make your way on your own “pioneer path”, that makes it easier for others to follow in your footsteps. You are valued for your service to others. Keep us up-to-date on your process: successes, stumbles, and failures; that benefits us all.

  3. debragoring says:

    Hey, It’s really good you have such insights! keep trying. Good luck!

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