Johnny Stanton Highlights – Nebraska Football Recruiting

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  1. Adam Richardson says:

    eek his throwing style is UGLY, his mechanics are terrible… Idk i think
    he does alright but nothing amazing 

  2. INTERPK says:

    Gonna be a Hukser. Grats Nebraska

  3. Randy B says:

    Welcome to the Husker Nation!!!

  4. blacksuits says:

    This QB is the most underated hsfb player out there. His QB SPARQ score was
    off the QB charts. He comes from the same school as Carson Palmer of
    Oakland Raiders but far more atheletic. How could my Bruins coaching staff
    not offer this in-state recruit? Huskers fans…you’re going to have so
    much fun watching games with Johnny Stanton as you’re QB. Big time

  5. haroof says:

    I’ve seen this kid play in person numerous times the past couple of years.
    Nebraska is VERY lucky to have him.

  6. Alan Pattee says:

    GO BIG RED!!!!

  7. Franklin455 says:

    Bad throwing motion? where have I seen this before?

  8. TheHighDreams says:


  9. HuSkErS4WiN says:

    Hes N

  10. Iknowthings says:

    tommy by a long shot is way better …as soon as martinez leaves or even
    next season armstrong will dominate

  11. ADV1 says:


  12. 13fnf says:

    I just watched one of his highlight videos…His throwing motion is fine.

  13. John Doe says:


  14. TheHuskerpower10 says:


  15. jaypizzle95adames says:

    If i was this get johnny stanton i wouldnt go to nebraska because nebraska
    has their starting qb graduating this year and tommy armstrong who was
    recruited from texas and ive seen tommy play and he has a dangerous arm and
    he runs the ball really well look him up he hes only a freshmen

  16. wima13 says:

    Georgia Tech?

  17. kiddroberson says:

    He is dangers then cam netwon but not dangers then tim tebow and johnny

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