Joey & Luke, Love at First Sight! – Ask Sawyer Sunday

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  1. TaylorNibblzZombies says:

    We have thee same last name. We coo’ c;

  2. maxiemus5 says:

    Your welcome : )

  3. nya22much says:

    thank you for being nice ^3^

  4. maxiemus5 says:

    I know ; )
    Don’t take it personally. If anyone else asked me that question, I’d respond the same way. <3

  5. nya22much says:

    well damn your really nice about it

  6. maxiemus5 says:

    Well *an enigma is… why the fuck should I have to explain what it means? Look it up, it will be fundamental to you.

  7. nya22much says:

    ???? wtf is and enigma????

  8. maxiemus5 says:

    It’s an enigma…

  9. iLOVEu76567 says:


  10. nya22much says:

    i don’t know dude………….. i don’t know

  11. AndyThaGirl says:

    Sawyer! Where did you get your jacket that you are wearing in the video? 🙂 You, Joey and Luke are perfect.

  12. Chantel Cain says:

    are they gay?

  13. TheSweetestbliss says:

    Are you doing your videos backwards? I’m pretty sure thats the jacket you just showed in your haul : )

  14. Emily Schimikowski says:

    you are gorgeous. <3 

  15. kary hery says:

    thats true!

  16. kary hery says:

    how do u knoe?

  17. xxonedirectionxo says:

    blair broke up with him .

  18. Enchantelover247 says:

    Aw Love you Sawyer !!

  19. swtkidomine says:

    For the 30 min movie… I totally vote for horror or action 🙂

  20. Janet LaCava says:

    Listen, I dont wanna argue with you about this ok? im just saying he shouldnt HAVE to explain it…we should just accept it…LOVE HIM….and move on….they both have posted messages saying it was over….no need for them to explain the details thats THEIR business not ours….No reason to be mean or hateful toward Blair either….is all im saying…SHIT HAPPENS…people get together….people break up…its life…

  21. lydzx1992 says:

    Where does he explain that? I didn’t say that was the facts but thats how i see it because sawyer seems like a legit nice guy and to me those two .. it just doesn’t go

  22. Janet LaCava says:

    Hold up…thats NOT what sawyer said…and its NOT TRUE…all you need to know is it didnt work out….and they both have mutual respect for each other…just LEAVE it at that…dont disrespect anyone over this…please..its NOT COOL

  23. haIfplnt says:

    I thought Joey and Luke were going to be in this video…. 🙁

  24. nissey00 says:

    he mentioned it in a previous video in the comments. now drop it.

  25. HIHHULIHEIHH says:

    Yeah, I get that. But Sawyer clearly doesn’t want to answer the questions, so you should deal with that!

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