Joel Therien Review

Joel Therien Review

Article by Angel Taylor

Are you wondering who Joel Therien really is?

Joel Therien is a master internet marketing coach and mentor. He is president of the hosting company Kiosk.ws (GVO or Global Virtual Opportunities) Starting out as a Cardiac Specialist in a hospital in Ottowa, Ontario, he learned quickly that it wasn’t the way he wanted his life to go.So he founded up his first online business selling hosting to local clients, and was soon making more than he had slaving away at the hospital.He saw that this was where his life was headed!

He later started his MLM/hosting company Kiosk.ws which has had a very successful run for the past several years, and has been the hosting of choice for several big time heavy hitters in the network marketing industry. However, it has recently been revamped to become GVO and has relocated it’s offices to San Antonio, Texas. This new enterprise, GVO or Global Virtual Opportunities, is a MLM company that provides a number of services such as website hosting, an autoresponder, conferencing center, and more. It also has a lucrative pay plan that includes a binary hybrid matrix, quick start bonuses, bonus pool, as well as private label reseller hosting. While it is still in pre-launch and needs to work out some bugs, it looks to be a very promising company. You may have heard about it already as it has been popping up all over the internet in recent days.

Is it smart to join GVO with Joel Therien?

This is completely a personal question and is up to you to answer for yourself. It is my opinion that Joel Therien is a down to earth kinda guy and very pleasant. I have been a part of a number of his webinars as well as have watched many of his videos, and he seems very passionate about what he does. He is also fairly easy to get in touch with through his contact form, which is always nice to see. My suggestion would be to check out his blog at JoelTherien.com and look at through his posts and watch his videos to see if he is someone you would want to work with. No matter who you choose to join in business, you need to feel comfortable with working with them.

What Now?

Whether you make a decision to join Joel Therien in GVO or go with another MLM all together, you are bound to run into obstacles. The world of internet marketing and the means of building a successful MLM business have changed and you need to be taught how to change with it. For you to find the success that you are looking for in your business of choice, you need to learn some essential marketing skills that will allow you to take advantage of the new age of marketing. Don’s sit by while others become wealthy.Learn to market like the big boys so that you can be as successful, if not more than Joel Therien himself.

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