Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths & Ryan Lee Talk Super 8

Super 8, JJ Abrams’ latest, hits the UK at last this Friday, and we’re rather excited. The 1970s-set story follows a group of teens as they try to shoot a zombie movie on a Super 8 camera – but when they witness a catastrophic train crash, it becomes clear that there are bigger problems afoot than any fictional zombies. We talked to director JJ Abrams and actors Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Elle Fanning (Somewhere) and Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths and Ryan Lee, to get the full story of the science fiction epic – and we’re even treated to a fresh rendition of My Sharona… www.empireonline.com

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  1. ShickySweet says:

    haahhahaha muy bueno jajajaja

  2. Patiimonse says:


  3. peachysara1 says:

    i love this movie is super awesome and its my favorite lol just finished watching it a few minutes ago!!!!!:)

  4. ItsBieberMania says:

    Riley is always singing “ OH MY GOSH” ! xD

  5. Ilovejoelcourtney17 says:

    I love Joel Courtney so much ! YOU ROCK love u !!

  6. cutsandbruises6 says:

    Ryan’s so cute;) I love him:) haha

  7. spottylover25 says:

    Ryan -3

  8. Leich14 says:

    Joel’s hands *__*

  9. bnjsim says:

    I LOVE YOU RYAN!!! <3

  10. OceaneFrance says:

    I love them 🙂

  11. TheXimenable says:

    Hotness all over this video gaahh I’m dyeing !!!

  12. 24wildmonkey25 says:


  13. ILoveRyanLeeForever says:

    Yes Yes he is :D I LOVE RYAN LEE 😀

  14. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    Ryans soooo hot : ) <33

  15. sPiDeRb0y83 says:

    Myyyyy Sharonaaaaaaaa

  16. Malmignatte says:

    These kids did a Super gr8 job on the movie 😉

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