Joel Courtney and Ryan Lee!

These are two of my favorite actors of all time! They are in the movie Super 8. If you haven’t seen it, it is amazing, and I really think you should. I made this video out of good and funny clips from interviews and such. I hope you like this, even though its different from what I usually do. Music-My Sharona By The Knack MUSIC DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. ShinyNoodlePuppy says:

    Joel followed me on twitter today,wooo!<3

  2. TheBrody707 says:

    Ryan is sooooooo hot I love u Ryan!!!!

  3. Ilovejoelcourtney17 says:

    I just love Joel Courtney so much

  4. DuctTapeQueens999 says:

    ive meet ryan before! i also have an autograghed signed pic of him !(: IM HIS #1 FAN EVER HE EVEN SAID SO! IVE SEEN THE MOVIE 67 TIMES

  5. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    oh, I was actually talking to pac60892011 😛 sorry

  6. Simspinkable says:

    No, I don’t believe we’ve talked before, but no I haven’t met Ryan, unfortunately. And yeah, but many celebrities aren’t home schooled.

  7. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    @pac60892011 it won’t let my comment on your channel; so you’ve met Ryan? Is it you that I replied to on that video, ’cause I completely forgot 😛 If so, sorry, I excpected someone like Ryan to be homeschooled or something considering he’s an actor and kinda getting famous hehe (: I just randomly chose to reply to you on this video btw ;P

  8. Simspinkable says:

    no i haven’t, unfortunately. they do have twitters, and not too many followers, so they are normally responsive. joel, not as much as ryan, but if you try they will. you could contact them through there.

  9. lpschick199 says:

    Have you ever met joul or ryan if you have you give me away to get contact with joul or ryan

  10. krauskrazy27 says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!! Ryan’s Hilarious!

  11. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    this video is now featured on my channel. :3 Joel, Ryan, and Zach are following me; must get Gabe and Riley! >:D

  12. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    AHHHHH so cute! 😀

  13. AGAdairT77 says:

    Ikr! I recognized him! He’s really cute now with his hair longer.

  14. Niki30nhappy says:


  15. ImpossibleStorm says:

    after watching this movie once, I knew I wanted it soooo bad

  16. JulianaDaggett says:

    That was a really good video.
    Ryan Lee told me he loved me over twitter last week-33(: I cried of happiness!

  17. supernicegirl26 says:

    I see Zach in it!! Lol he is soo sweet!

  18. Simspinkable says:

    @1ILUVANIMALS haha its kinda hard just keep asking him and eventually he will. 🙂

  19. 1ILUVANIMALS says:

    hehe 😛 I’m trying to get riley to follow me too, but…it’s not happening Lol 😛

  20. Simspinkable says:

    AWESOME! Me too! all of the super 8 boys r followin me! 😀

  21. 1ILUVANIMALS says:

    they followed me on twitteerrr!!!!! 😀 😀

  22. Beb00April says:

    they are so cute x

  23. miaranda150 says:

    garotas Ryan é o menino mais feio que ja vi em toda minha vida!

  24. Pauchi51 says:

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Ryan¡¡¡¡¡ It´s my favourite actor and super8 my favourite movie.

  25. KevJumbaIsSexy says:

    OMG THEY’RE SO CUTE!! Thank you for this!! AND AGH STOP IT, they both make me smile too much, my cheeks hurt! 😀 ;D btw I saw super 8 four times. lol <333

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