Jimmy Carr defends Atheism on the Late Late (18 Sept 09)

After Ryan Tubridy’s pathetic interview with Richard Dawkins earlier in the program, British Comedian talks about his non belief and interest in Dawkins’ work. Dawkins interview can be found here www.youtube.com
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  1. WeInControl says:

    Georgia is one of the low percentage of Atheists who seems to have a good heart, look around the other atheist-Christian video forums and read how most of them use blasphemies against God, they say the most vile things about Christianity and the bible and Jesus!! do you condone that sort of thing or something?

  2. WeInControl says:

    Lord have mercy, are you trying to tell me that we should just look the other way when 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons-worldwide? you may wan’t to remain silent on this matter but i refuse to, if we don’t speak up for the unborn who will?

  3. WeInControl says:

    any proof that he doesn’t? Nah i didn’t think so.
    just ask Dawkins he’ll tell you.

  4. Stephanie Douglas says:

    Any proof Gof exists? Nah, didn’t think so.

  5. madannie12 says:

    and my friend is georgia keenan so u can imagine our discussions

  6. madannie12 says:

    love your neighbour as i have loved you. maybe you should re read the bible as you seem to have forgotten your own belief system. it is not in our place to judge those who are gay and commit abortion. and doesnt the bible state that god loves each of us unconditionally and forgives us as we forgive those who trespass against us?

  7. WeInControl says:

    all sins will be punished by God as he sees fit including homosexuality, would it not be sinful for us to just sit back and say nothing in fear of stepping on peoples toes? maybe i should just shut up about abortion while I’m at it, does that work for you?

  8. WeInControl says:

    do you and your atheist friends ever discuss religion?

  9. madannie12 says:

    if a woman in the bible cheated on her husband then she would have been stoned. surely you cant say that is alright now! if you dont say this then u must also take into account other aspects of the bible. for instance gay marriage. i have nothing against it. this doesnt make me a bad Christian, Christianjust someone from the 21st century. so please, kindly stop shoving your beliefs in everyone elses faces. we have other beliefs from you, deal with it. thats life

  10. madannie12 says:

    ok a few points to make. i am a christian, i go to church every sunday, have committed all the sacraments and i believe i am a good Christian. however, some of my best friends are atheists and we get along great, so your whole “atheist and Christians” will never get along is bull crap

  11. WeInControl says:

    you may not see it but you’re using Christian values, if there was never good there would have never been evil (God and the devil) (morality and immorality) if there wasn’t a God you atheists would not exist!

  12. Georgia Keenan says:

    It isn’t ”christian values” you christians may believe in it but it’s morality. nothing to do with religion. I do not do what’s right because i’m avoiding satan or trying to get close to god, i do it because i simply know that it’s the decent thing to do

  13. WeInControl says:

    @Georgia Keenan
    you say you believe in sin and that you know what’s right or wrong? isn’t that using Christian values? Evil can only exist where there is first good. How can an atheist truly know what is wrong or bad if they discredit both God and satan?

  14. Georgia Keenan says:

    could you tell me what your problem is with people not believing in God? are you just against atheists or is it every other religion that doesn’t have the same mind set as you? genuinely just curious

  15. Georgia Keenan says:

    you honestly have no clue what you are talking about, you can’t tell me what I believe in. Every single person has a different outlook on life which I like, I think that’s the beauty of being human, everyone should accept how other people feel, like I said I respect religion believe what you want, but you are being really ignorant. Everyone has morals and I think everyone does have a conscience big or small, abortion is up to the individual I wouldn’t damn anyone for it.

  16. WeInControl says:

    i don’t think i ever said they are all pro abortion i said atheists don’t see it as immoral, we Christians see abortion as a grave sin that is so heinous it deprives the soul of sanctifying grace and causes damnation. you people don’t believe in sin, a soul or damnation so there’s nothing to keep you from doing it.

  17. HakitoJin says:

    “atheists and Christians will never agree with one another.”
    Of course! A religious person has to be fucking stupid to agree with an atheist on any religious topic.

  18. Alan Heath says:

    I am a born again, fundamentalist atheist.

  19. Georgia Keenan says:

    I don’t think I know it all, my stance in this situation as I said is rather open minded. You are the one who is looking for an argument by saying that all atheists are pro-abortion. We aren’t all pro-abortion, to me that’s like murder however I can understand it in cases like rape. Its up to the individual.

  20. WeInControl says:

    you atheists think you know it all, first off, my apologies for referring to you as a male, second, any evil that Christians do is not because of God but because of the devil, his job is to win souls “including Christian souls” and it’s our job as Christians to resist his evil temptations but unfortunately not all of us can or want to.this is my stance and yours is to deny God and satan, atheists and Christians will never agree with one another.

  21. KingOfTheRedSkulls says:


  22. Georgia Keenan says:

    because a lot of us aren’t we are just normal people. It isn’t our problem if you can’t accept that there is a whole world out there, there are hundreds of thousands of religious beliefs and there is also science. I have found many many faults in religion it totally contradicts itself and many of the followers are total hypocrites. I have no time for people like you who have a weak argument and have their heads so far up there own ass.

  23. Georgia Keenan says:

    I really begin to resent religions, which is unfair for those who are really subtle about it and generally don’t piss anyone off. Many wars have been fought due to religion, there have been priests who are rapists, the Catholic church is anti-gay. Yet the bible says don’t judge, we are all special etc.If you can find truth in religion then you know what great, but keep it to yourself or in the followers group. Don’t take offence when people think it’s unrealistic, and think they are pro-abortion

  24. Georgia Keenan says:

    okay well firstly I’m female so not sir. Secondly I have never in my life seen billboards pro-atheism. I have seen religious people talking on tv about why we should follow their faiths. I am an atheist and I have a much more open mind than you about the world apparently. Being religious doesn’t make you a good person and being atheist doesn’t make me a bad person, it’s what you do in life that determines who you truly are. I respect religions but when the followers are like you, totally corrup

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