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  1. PREACH DAVID. Loved that parable about the robe, it’s a near perfect

    If you don’t have an answer to that, how can you stay Muslim??

  2. David’s conclusion that Allah is responsible for the current state of
    Christianity is totally sound, and it ruins any notion that the Muslim god
    is anything more than a whimsical devil in disguise. Why would ANY of what
    happened in the gospels and the writing in the epistles occurred as they
    did, unless Allah had wanted them to happen, in order to deceive and
    ultimately send millions of people to hell?

    Imagine a supposed “merciful” god who is at the same time one who sends the
    “prophet Jesus” to set all things right, he is born as no man has ever been
    born, lives a perfect life, performs mighty miracles in order to persuade
    people to follow the way of Allah, and in short order, in less than one
    generation, all of Jesus’ work is foiled by Paul, and ALLAH HIMSELF.
    Imagine this god deceiving all of Jesus’ followers into believing that
    Jesus was crucified to death, and then into believing that he rose from the
    dead, and then later on (through Paul) fooling them into believing that
    Jesus was God Almighty Himself.

    Islam isn’t simply diabolical, it is idiotic. How can anyone believe in a
    god that would deceive the world into believing a lie that would damn the
    souls of billions of people to hell? Muslims believe in an EVIL deity
    which has no mercy or regard for the fate of the people whom he created,
    but rather we are nothing but pawns and playthings for which he can amuse
    himself–and not only us, but his own prophets, because it must be
    concluded that Jesus was used by Allah throughout his life, but in the end,
    Allah threw a monkey-wrench into the works, and the Almighty Himself
    sabotaged everything it all in order to create deception and confusion, so
    that people would NOT worship Allah properly, and to follow an incorrect

    Muslims, stop following this path which leads to death and hell. Follow
    the Lord Jesus, who preached forgiveness and grace towards us, by his
    redeeming propitiatory life, death, AND RESURRECTION. Stop following this
    “Allah” which is the greatest of deceivers, and follow the God of the
    Bible, who is truth, light, and life to all who will repent and believe on

  3. I’d be stoked if David Wood or Sam Shamoud debated Dr. Zakir Naik, just to
    see Dr. Zakir choke in his deceiving lies. I feel bad for the people who
    rely on him.

  4. Muslims can never prove their case so they get man and threaten you because
    their god makes no sense. I feel bad for Muslims because they honestly
    believe that they have the truth. In order for you to understand Jesus you
    have to understand what Yahweh spoke to the prophets in the Torah. The
    title son of man holds more deity than the title son of God. The Jews were
    waiting for the son of man prophesied in Daniel chp. 7 the one that every
    knee will bow down to and he would rule over every nation. That is the son
    of man Jesus claimed to be. That’s why he never said I am the son of God
    directly, because he wanted people to know he is the son of man. 

  5. Texas75023 basicly says he can not follow Gods commandments , therefore he
    Himself has chosen Lucifer path , read his comment below !

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