JESSE EISENBERG Jittery Interview THE SOCIAL NETWORK at RIO Red Carpet w Reporter PIPER REESE! (PQP #061) Just in time for this week’s Rio DVD release and the premiere of “30 Minutes or Less”, check out the Planet’s youngest entertainment reporter, red carpet reporter, and show host, Piper Reese interviewing JESSE EISENBERG himself on the Rio BLUE carpet! Yup! It’s the star of “The Social Network” himself! We showed Piper a certain Pepsi commercial from the 90s before she met JESSE!! Do you know who’s in the one we’re talking about!? Check it out, guyz!d Piper’s PiPeRiFiC wardrobe in this episode is from La Bella Flora Children’s Boutique! www.labellaflorachildrensboutique.com Subscribe to Piper’s Picks on YouTube. www.youtube.com/piperpickstv Follow Piper’s Picks on Twitter. www.twitter.com/piperspickstv Find Piper’s Picks on Facebook. www.facebook.com/piperspickstv

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  1. PipersPicksTV says:

    Thank you soooo much Miss Lolita!  Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to subscribe – lots of other interviews are online.

  2. MissLolita7777 says:

    Jesse is such a sweethearts and I was totally surprised by how young the interviewer was. She was great!

  3. PipersPicksTV says:

    Haha!  Guessing the answer was no – this was really fun to do!

  4. Stevie Jewel says:

    He was funny – he must have said no 4 or 5 times when Piper asked about Facebook!! Go Piper!! 🙂

  5. PipersPicksTV says:

    Haha!  This is an interesting one!

  6. Tess Hunt says:

    i love this one. i just want to hug him.

  7. PipersPicksTV says:

    TeamPiper runs the channel.

  8. Mlle168 says:

    It is written ppl have to be more than 13 to have an account on fb….she can’t be more than 10……

  9. PipersPicksTV says:

    Hehe…yeah, found that when we looked it up :-) Thank you!

  10. CelineMakeUp says:

    I’m sorry, I made a mistake. “Jewish Connection” is the french title. The real title (for american people) it’s “Holy rollers”.

  11. PipersPicksTV says:

    Really!? Haven’t seen that one! Looking it up now. Thank you so much for writing and watching!

  12. CelineMakeUp says:

    We can see Jesse & his sister on Jewish Connection. She also play his sister in this movie. Anyway, he’s so cute ! Thanks for this interview.

  13. jokerplainview says:

    OMG!! I totally remember that girl Hallie. I came believe that’s his sister. She should be on “Where Are They Now”.

  14. TheToontownprincess says:

    You were not born yet lol Jesse

  15. PipersPicksTV says:

    Thank you! Send it to your friends! This is a really kewlio one!

  16. portugal888 says:

    I love this interview… Jesse is so handsome!

  17. CuteHotChiliPeppers says:

    Am I the only one who thought that this made Jesse look sweeter? Haha, he’s cute. At least he doesn’t have his head up his ass. Whatever, he’s adorable.

  18. PipersPicksTV says:

    He really took the time to think about the answers to the questions – really interesting. Very talented too!

  19. IlaWaldorf says:

    oh my god he is sooooo nervous and awkward… I would be just like him if they interviewed me and that makes me love him even more! Plus, he’s a great actor.

  20. lovelyflower88 says:

    woah i had no idead that was his sister

  21. PipersPicksTV says:

    Thank you VERY much!!!! This was a really fun interview to do.

  22. 2strangerinthemirror says:

    haha..the best interview i have seen of him so far!!!..HE IS EXTREMELY SWEET AND INTELLIGENT..BOY DOES HOLLYWOOD NEED MORE OF HIM AND PPL LIKE HIM!!

  23. PipersPicksTV says:

    LOL! That’s awesome - very funny.

  24. Ana Sosa says:

    lol i thought the title meant she was interviewing from rio, as in doing an interview in brazil…im stupid

  25. redlightmax says:

    0:36 That was a 30-second epic answer.

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