Jalen Rose Explains What College Recruiting Visits Are Really Like | Grantland Channel

Jalen Rose explains how athletic programs show a recruit the facilities during the day and how the athletes show the recruit the “campus” at night. They are …

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  1. thatboyrick1 says:

    Jalen said “they better, they better!” Haha

  2. KTF0 says:

    Great storyteller

  3. Erik Rodriguez says:

    I love Jalen. Tells it how it is. 

  4. BoxBroker ENP says:

    He Got Game…Ray Allen…Spike Lee…Denzel. Truth

  5. ldchisholm1 says:

    lets not be clueless to recruiting, theses atheletes are potential
    investments of millions so we know schools are doing it. Parents protect
    your kids http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3269499/highlights/163580380

  6. LSAML KASKUS says:

    David Robinson could not understand this.

  7. Don Snuss says:

    Oh I can’t watch it, how interesting 

  8. VoidSurfer9 says:

    I’m sure they don’t do this for prize female basketball player recruits….
    school spirit is a mutha

  9. Real talk University Founder says:

    yeah that’s true because Joakim Noah said himself “the more they (flordia)
    win the less he went to class

  10. raykak says:

    i scored a 32 and no one was on my doorstep ;_;

  11. Canada and USA Rock says:

    Was there anyone, at all, surprised by Jalen’s comments? Of course not.

  12. e.i mccool says:

    that’s why most college girls are whores.

  13. Jordan Davis says:

    I bet people like andrew Wiggins or jahlil okafor or nerlens noel was
    probably getting head like shit on college visits

  14. Alexander Swartwood says:

    Even at BYU. Lol. 

  15. maxscameraguy says:

    of what I have read of nevin sharprio, this is noting. nevin shaprio used
    to have parties at his house for football players all the time. 

  16. armon hammertime says:

    wow bama must have tons of sluts who bone these recruits. god id love to do
    that. id take so many visits.

  17. Sean Leo says:

    The guy thats with jalen be looking like a mix of Tyler Hansborough and
    Coach Frank Vogel

  18. J says:

    Please stop David. That shit at the beginning was painful. Stick to Country

  19. armon hammertime says:

    thats also why texas and fsu get so many good classes. babes everywhere

  20. alvin crawford says:

    stop interrupting and cutting Jalen off and you would get more from him, !!

  21. Julius Ulit says:

    Looks like the interviewer is jacking off.

  22. MrBeatboxmasta says:

    If I was at talent that was good enough to get ALL the schools interested
    in me, I would have accepted tours from as many schools as possible (even
    those who clearly wouldn’t make my cut), in order to get laid as much as
    possible. Of course, now that I’m older, I’m actually turned off by women
    who are willing to give it up that easily. 

  23. Eman Mesgina says:

    “What happens at night Jalen?” *deep voice*

  24. Michael Adu says:
  25. Delight Zaire says:

    There are girls that are there to fuck the major recruits at the top
    Universities, my friend who played at Texas A&M on the Basketball team said
    there were girls called “The Aggie Girls” that were young Freshman and
    Sophmore girls there to fuck the Football/Basketball recruits that were
    there on a visit.

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