Jack Carter and Allison Blake – Magnetic Attraction

Jack and Allison are trapped by a magnetic fence.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. thames1978 says:

    oh my god..the funniest scene in movie history..this and rizzoli and isles’ “you mean a dildo” scene

  2. msgda41 says:

    oh i forgot sorry.

  3. ChocolateFreak66 says:

    @patricia42739 i also thought so XD

  4. patricia42739 says:

    did he get a hard on

  5. Hootshot112 says:

    hahah Jack is so cute in that scene

  6. oneohsix106 says:

    this reminds me of the “caught in a net” scene between jack and kate on lost. haha, but i’ve always thought this scene was super cute!! 😛

  7. diradin says:

    1:47 Hands Allison !!! watch the hands. She asked him what he was hiding? Now she knows. ” AWKWARD “

  8. Skullz1495 says:

    I would so bang her right now if i had the chance.

  9. hotdrumchick says:

    Love it, haha! This is so cute!

  10. greendelik says:

    lol his boner hits her

  11. forenzix1990 says:

    @WebOnion I saw an interview with Colin Ferguson where he was talking about this scene. They pulled him with wire cables and he had to fight them. I am not sure if Sally had to do the same thing, but I guess so.

  12. WebOnion says:

    I wonder how they did that magnetic fence pulling thing… It didn’t seem like voluntary human movement, maybe ropes or something?

  13. TheHaron68 says:

    talk about an awkward moment

  14. TheHaron68 says:

    any of u guys here the pig

  15. qtpup94 says:

    @PCGAMEfreak no she doesn’t

  16. SeattleSportsFanic says:

    “Joe, you could have told me it was mangentized.”

    I thought it was a clue when his badge went flying towards the fence. But Jack was stupid enough to step closer, to get pulled in by the magentic field.

  17. TheAxor111 says:

    @kovujackson she had his baby though.

  18. kovujackson says:

    @PCGAMEfreak first off no she didnt. get your facts straight before you try spoiling crap

  19. PCGAMEfreak says:

    Allison Blake marries Nathan Stark!

  20. PCGAMEfreak says:

    My most two favorite characters are Jack Carter, and Henry Deacon.

  21. animelove25 says:

    lol he’s trying to shut it off cute i cant wait for season 4 thx 4 d ^load

  22. curlyfry44 says:

    I like the ending where he’s adjusting his pants because he has a woodie…lol

  23. tootyfnfrooty says:

    god i wish they would get together already, love that scene

  24. tautukas says:

    damn that girl is so beautiful.

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