Its all about you!

Its all about you!

Article by Dwight Gelowitz

Lately i’ve been asked this question a lot so now i’m going to answer it for you. mike dillard is some other guy. I’m none of these guys: Daegan Smith, Jonathan Budd or Ryan Deiss I’m not them. They are not me!

I’m Dwight. Just plain ordinary Dwight. Sometimes wonderful – ok a lot of the time wonderful. What I do is sometimes extra-ordinary but in that I want you to know that I’m not trying to be anyone else other than me.

You see, I choose to be me. In everything that I do. I don’t try to be anyone else. You shouldn’t either.

You will need to choose for yourself who you are going to be. In this business who you are will matter. Who you choose to be will matter.

It will matter to the people who want to do business with you. It matters to customers, business partners, potential clients. It will matter to the prospects coming down your pipline. It matters! It matters! It matters!

I’m not saying this to be coy. Your business is just an extension of who you’re being. If you’re not attracting the right sort of customer to your online business – i guess it matters.

It’s not about who they are when they show up.. There is nothing wrong with them. They are perfectly fine just the way they are. You want leaders, people with money, drive. That’s not whose showing up? Look at yourself!

What are you focusing on? They are just a reflection of the vibe that you are putting out into the world.

They are the result of your efforts. It’s your message they responded to. Its your marketing? Are you starting to see that what you put out you get back?

Makes you feel bad? Quit being that! Be something different! Be something else. Change who you see yourself as and then change how you do whatever it is you’re doing.

Everyone has the same choice. There is another way! Be something different. Do things differently today than yesterday.

I’ve found in my own life that sometimes I need to step back. Sometimes when something isn’t working or not going the way that I want it to I step back and have a look at me. Not look at the results that I’m seeing. Look at who I am being and see what it is about me that is causing this attraction of a result that I wasn’t looking for.

All the issues were in my mind not out there. It was a change in me that turned things around.

Let me repeat that so you hear me. All the issues were in my mind not out there. It was a change in me that turned things around.

Have a look in your own life and do a check. What’s working and what’s not working. Focus your thought and energy on what you really want. Ignore the results you’re seeing. They are left overs of who you were.

Everything about you is where the change will come from.

If i can add one last point: There’s no way I could be mike dillard or Daegan Smith. I’m way better looking!

From my Treasure Chest to yours!


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Dwight is an internet entrepreneur who makes his way in the world helping others find what works for them. NETPower Prospecting is their current project to bring the art of Internet Marketing to those who need it!

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