Is the White House watching you on Facebook?

According to the National Legal and Policy Center the White House is planning a twelve month contract to capture information from social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The 51 page solicitation shows that the NLPC uncovered shows that the White House does not have to notify the people whose information is being retrieved and there is no restriction on what the White House can do with that information.
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  1. insanelylogical says:

    I didn’t believe in signing up for shit like this before, and I for sure as hell don’t believe in signing up for this now, or in the future. Zuckerburg has to do better than that to try and get me to release my private info online. Hey Mark, I’m not falling for your site you stupid faggot. Enjoy being a billionaire while you still can because I hope you lose everything.

  2. Neosaigo says:

    The whole point of facebook is for people to watch you online.

    If you signed up for it, deal with it.

  3. Gioxtream says:

    She asked her:
    So what type of information are the looking for??
    UH? AH? EH what we looking is. UH,ah hum…..

    She can not even answer To a legid question.

    SHAME ON YOU !!!

  4. bradford71us says:

    are you seriously telling me that a russian, a jew and an american lawyer are explaining why we have nothing to worry about with facebook???? is this a joke??

  5. nightfrog65 says:

    I never understood why somebody would place photos and personal info on facebook/myspace/etc. One of the few legitimate uses for these sites could be advertising for a business (i.e free ads/webpage) to attract new customers.

    I would be really concerned if the government could legally subpoena email providers like AOL/MSN/Hotmail for a list of sent and received personal emails without notifying the individual.

  6. harryorgans says:

    White House=Mafia with nukes.

  7. ritter89 says:

    Man, you need to have enormous ego (and be pretty damn deluded) to think that the govt is interested in your lame online antics. Oh, yeah, the prez can’t wait to find out about your favorite porn sites and obsessive facebook posts. The avg person’s online history (mine included) is a snooze-fest. At best, your info is used to track purchases in order to tailor advertising/marketing. As always, they want you to exercise your god-given freedom to buy more shit

  8. sexykatie90 says:

    RussiaToday my msn in profile! Is the White House watching you on Facebook?

  9. phatdic11 says:

    We are the enemy of the USA, and President Obama. The Shadow Government that wants to know everything about you, continues to manipulate, and plan for the death of America, then introduce the NWO slavery ! This is the same group of Elitist pigs that killed , Martin, Kennedy, Bobby, and many others for their own agenda. They will fail in their attempt, and tho many will die at their hands, they will never be successful, and they face a grim penalty in the next dimensional time grid! Death 2 NWO !

  10. versaize says:

    new facebook layout sux!!! i found many cool facebook layout from
    ow [.] ly/1glio

  11. freestyler1324 says:


  12. XICANOXOC says:

    People need to remember that the internet was for the department of defence originaly.

  13. 2wheels88 says:

    Watch obama deception and Fall of the republic,then you’ll start to get the idea of what’s really going on in America and the world! don’t believe that bitch

  14. xAfterDawnx says:

    You mean state terrorism…? A terrorist is usually somebody that opposes the government of the country and causes havoc on the citizens and the state, whereas state terrorism is the government itself instituting violence on the citizens of that country.

  15. TheCatcher111 says:

    the questions is CAN they use this imformation as a Evidence
    or they will Fabricate charge


  16. jcfan42 says:

    I should probably clarify my prior comment – I was not under that impression from your comment, I think she may have actually said that during the interview – unless I misunderstood. This would be very troubling if it were actually true – seeing what had happened with the “Cash for Clunkers” website, where car dealers were supposed to agree in part that their computers could be searched while logged onto the system.

  17. jcfan42 says:

    Perhaps I misunderstood – did she actually refer to Facebook as a government website?

  18. MastaHack2 says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought that. America’s government fits the definition of terrorist.

  19. 73xlh says:

    How about talking face to face? Ever thought about doing that instead of messageing on the net? What the fuck is the white house looking for anyway? The only terrorist in america is the government anyway.

  20. LoveAntifa says:

    Now imagine yourself trying to do the exact same thing as these guys, Last I remember it was a criminal act to spy on people?

  21. goonercrew08 says:

    A socialist country like the US watching social network sights.Whats the big deal?

  22. Mahalo00o says:

    Oh HELL no.

  23. CounterRevolutionary says:

    You’re right, I meant Norway.

    In America, you can still find WWII era, Nazi firearms made by Husqvarna, for sale at gun shows.

    Isn’t it funny how the USA defeats countries, then builds up that country’s largest corporations to the point where they destroy American business?.

  24. CounterRevolutionary says:

    And since youre Russian, or Swedish anyway, why are we having this debate? Why dont you worry about your own countrys affairs, and quit trying to force your system on another country.

  25. CounterRevolutionary says:

    “Why is it that the majority of people who screech “SOCIALISM” just seem to have a total disregard for facts[?]”

    Thats such a broad assumption that I cant really address it, other than to say that people “screech socialism” because when the government forcibly takes money from people, and gives it to other people; that is socialism. And its probably the people who will have money taken from them to pay for non-tax payers healthcare, that are the ones “screeching”.

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