Is The 7 Minute Workout By Joel Therien Going To Make You Money?

Is The 7 Minute Workout By Joel Therien Going To Make You Money?

Article by Kurt Henninger

As the 7 Minute Workout get close to launch, many marketers are stepping up their promotion efforts in preparation for the big day. A lot of the big affiliate marketers are already pushing the product even though it has not yet launched. The question for many Internet marketers is whether it is worthwhile to pursue the promotion of this product, or whether it is just another online marketing scam.

The 7 Minute Workout is being offered by Chris Reid and Joel Therien. Joel was also involved with Global Virtual Opportunities, which was launched recently, so if you are familiar with that product, it might help you make a decision about whether to promote 7 Minute Workout.

So what is the 7 Minute Workout? It looks like it is some sort of weight training program. The premise is that by following the program outlined in the 7 Minute Workout program, you can lose weight and get in shape by working out just seven minutes per day. You do not even have to work out every day. Three days per week is enough. That might sound unrealistic, but Joel does have the credentials for creating a product like this. He has a background in bodybuilding and a degree in physiology. Undoubtedly, even though the workout is short, it is extremely intense, which is what makes it so effective. From the testimonials that have been published so far, it appears that it is working for the people who have tried it.

Marketing the 7 Minute Workout

As a marketer, you want to make sure you are promoting a product that works, but you also want to make sure the products you promote will sell. If you can’t sell it, it doesn’t matter if it works. The good news is that this product has a unique marketing angle and a huge target market.

This product appeals to people’s emotions, and offers a quick solution for something that is typically a long, difficult process. Many people are drawn to trying to do things the easy way, so the product should not be difficult to sell. There are certainly plenty of overweight and out of shape Americans who want to get fit without putting a lot of effort into their workouts.

The compensation plan has not yet been released, so there is no way to adequately review it. However, the plan has been referred to as “commissioned viral marketing,” so it is likely that the marketing plan involves some sort of social marketing. You’ll be expected to market to your connections on social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If this is starting to sound like MLM to you, you are not alone. However, no judgment can be made about the commission structure until it has actually been put out for everyone to see.

So is the 7 Minute Workout a solid product, or just another MLM scam? There is no way to know at this point. There is not enough information available to evaluate it properly. That in itself would be a warning sign except that it is typical of the way these launches work in the Internet marketing world. It appears that this launch has the potential to be really big, so maybe it would not be a bad idea to jump on the bandwagon and be ready to promote the product when it comes out. Just try to have a backup plan in place in case there are any major problems with either the product or the commission structure.

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