Is Russell Brunson’s Viral-Secret List Building System A Scam?

Is Russell Brunson’s Viral-Secret List Building System A Scam? Sign up to The Viral Secret Website: bit.ly You know the secret to internet marketing is having a huge list, right…? Well, I want to GIVE you a website that will get THOUSANDS of other people to build your list for you around the clock – FOR FREE! bit.ly If you don’t have an Aweber account go sign up right now: bit.ly Remi Vladuceanu started his Internet Marketing endeavor in 2005. He noticed that combining Viral Marketing with Social Networking can bring unbelievable results and started implementing this strategy in every area of his Online Business model. remivladuceanu.com
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  1. shadowmanfan says:

    I believe there is a certain´╗┐ ELITE group of marketers that get ALL the traffic, make ALL the money, while newbies etc never will, no mater how hard they work! But they are simply encouraged to buy, to pay for crap software etc!

  2. shadowmanfan says:

    U have 2 sign up 2 6 newsletters, then place ads on traffic exchanges, hope people click on your link & your list grows! Then U must have people who will STAY subscribed to your list & NOT unsubscribe 1-2 days later! 2 make money they must convert,or´╗┐ buy and U get paid.Clickbank has rules that can limit your access2 money you’ve made,especially if you’re a newbie 2 MLM!

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