Is Muhammad foretold in the Bible as Zakir Naik Claims? David Wood and Sam Shamoun Answers

Is Muhammad foretold in the Bible as Zakir Naik Claims David Wood and Sam Shamoun Answers Zakir Naik gets refuted and exposed again on the Jesus or Muhammad …
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  1. Leedia21 says:

    I wonder if Zakie Naik read through the whole chapter or did he just
    googled the topic “illiterate in the bible” just to prove that Muhammad was
    in the bible (since he is also illiterate). Well its a shame that it didn’t
    work. The Bible says I pray to God that Muslims would get a chance to study
    The Bible for themselves for them to know the truth.

  2. Jburn3 says:

    these two monkeys are guys ACTUALLY reading the context of scripture and
    applying the PROPER interpretation. Naik clearly misread this passage OUT
    OF CONTEXT without seeing this is clearly referring to the nation of
    Israel…its is laughable that muslims follow Naik…The guy continues to
    make irrelevant points in his lectures when it comes to Christianity and
    muslims continue to cheer him on blindly…my prayer is that muslims would
    actually STUDY for themselves.

  3. thanga Rajan says:

    Joker and bafoon from lambada tribe, he chore kai bol thu time pass for
    musilm illietrates they clap hands n enjoy bcos they don’t what he said
    except they think he knows lot n defeating sorry boys heis ur JOKER from ur
    convert productand this made him very rich

  4. charmaine nathanielsz says:

    Indeed God gives everyone a clue…this is totally false…

  5. Pitttdog says:

    Concise and backed with proof and reference.well done.

  6. md kabir says:

    Who are these two Monkey and what they are talking about without knowing
    and understanding the contents

  7. expyd says:

    Thank you Dave and Sam for exposing the deceit in Islam. Do you work with
    Walid Shoebat as a team? I think he’s fantastic too. Islam has misled so
    many, we are praying for you guys, please continue to expose their lies.
    God bless you.

  8. soldado de cristo Rosario says:


  9. gvsaju says:

    David,super.this stupid zakir should have kept quiet,instead defamed his
    prophet by saying that.muslims never understand because they blindly
    believe as they dont read other books

  10. gvsaju says:

    Normal muslims they dont know much deeper about their book too as its
    forbidden for them to question about their faith,thats why they simply
    believe these kind of naiks

  11. John Philips says:

    accept the reality bro!! Dont get angry!!

  12. JYC987654321 says:

    Naik is the real illiterate.

  13. criticalsage says:

    I thought Muslim denies the BIBLE?

  14. a7madooo76 says:

    loool, Prophet Muhammad doesn’t know how to read and write. who told you
    hes refusing to read.

  15. curtly says:

    chapter 29:12 Isaiah talks about a vision given to isaiah the
    prophet,about KING Davids people of the city Ariel,god warns in his vision
    about these people’s failure. verse 12 he only says to isaiah about the
    powerful vision he just received .not about mohammed .?????????????.fake

  16. PalindromeSociety says:

    I always wondered why Zakier Naik speaks the way he does. He pauses his
    words for emphasis when using Quran verses. This isn’t really an issue, but
    it is sorta repetitive, and because Muslims look up to him, I’ve noticed
    many youtube one’s doing it too just like him. They make the same
    arguments, all of them. Why can’t they stop using double standards and
    things? if you have to jump through hoops to prove your position then it is
    bad. When will Zakir Naik debate David wood, Edwards etc?

  17. joyel scaria says:

    On the face Naik!!

  18. Sindre Haugen says:

    Hey folks, if Archangel Gabriel did not know that muhammed could read????
    isn’t the angels sent from god? and does not god give them any clue? Islam
    is false!!!!

  19. Liette Bowes says:

    These Muslim ‘scholars’ miserably lack of intelligence. Not bcoz they
    invent anything, but bcoz they truly believe we are too stupid to see their
    games. Quote a comment collected by (Betty Mahmoody in her 2nd book) from n
    American woman forcibly confined by her husband in a Muslim country. “These
    Muslims r so liars that if you see 1 with a black sheep on his shoulders, n
    u tell him «Hey! ur sheep is black» he’ll say «No it’s white», n it becomes
    impossible to make him say it’s black.”

  20. nezar mustafa says:


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