Is Daegan Smith the Guru to Follow?

Is Daegan Smith the Guru to Follow?

Article by Tracie Davis

Daegan Smith is a guy I kind of bumped into in my quest for more knowledge in online network marketing. It is so funny because it goes to show that his marketing worked because I found him just by doing a search and I have to say, my life and business has not been the same.

I joined his program on a trial and when I saw what he offered to his members I was floored. It was impossible to devour the information that he shared in such a short trial. I mean it contains hours and hours of pertinent information.

Mr. Daegan Smith is a true guru if there ever was one. I mean he went from a broke currier to a 8 figure earner and he was able to do it from home. Now for some this is not important but for me it was very important. You see, although I deal with a lot of people and I really do love people (most of the time) I hated cold-calling people, and I hated stalking people at Walmart. Don’t get me wrong. I have done it all in the name of fulfilling my dream but doing it was a nightmare to me.

I was able to connect with Daegan’s story because I could feel his pain as he described interrupting people at dinner time and rude people answering who “HAD” requested information. I could tell this was not just some guy selling a system. This was a guy that knew how it felt and had cracked the code of never calling a single lead.I don’t care what anyone says. That is what I wanted. I don’t mind talking to people after they are interested and have gone through a few steps to prove to me that they are interested but the scary steps that Daegan describes on his page were exactly what I wanted to avoid.

The training I have received from Daegan Smith has been a God send for me. His courses have allowed me to build a business on my own terms. I have learned how to optimize my website, write articles, use Camtasia, and other online tools to make my life so much easier. While his course is not the only thing that I have used it is certainly one of the best.

So is he the real deal? I would say so. The success stories from his course can be tied to several well known marketers. A lot of them attribute his courses to their success or as a great part of it. I mean names like Jonathan Budd, The MLM Brothers- Ola and Shola, and many others. They have been able to take what they have learned in his courses and personal coaching and build multi-million dollar businesses.

I was actually exposed to these and other leaders because Daegan shares everything he possibly can with his members. Even if that means bringing in our experts. I mean sometimes his classes can last up to 4 hours. Yes. I said 4 hours. You more than get your money’s worth. He truly over delivers. So I just wanted to answer the question, “Is Daegan Smith the real deal and my answer is absolutely, positively YES!

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Tracie Davis is a seasoned network marketer and home based business expert. Known as the Career Builder, she is a published author, wife, mom, and success coach. She has helped several inexperienced people in the network marketing industry build successful thriving businesses from the comfort of their homes. To learn more marketing tips and ideas go to http://www.mytrafficsecrets.info and to learn more about Tracie Davis visit her website at http://www.mysuccesszone.info

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