Is Daegan Smith A Scam?

howardperks.com Is Daegan Smith a scam or the real deal?So, your searching on the internet for some help to build your MLM and along comes this guy who says he “never calls a single lead”. If that wasn’t enough he flashes you a bunch of checks and wears a funny shirt with a catchy line stating “I’m Retired, Don’t Ask Me to Do a Damn Thing”. Is this guy the real deal or just an internet fraud? After searching around for a while there was a certain guy who really stood out in his ADs. I mean how can you miss a guy holding a bunch of checks in his hand wearing a shirt with a catchy headline and claiming that he is the “King” of never calling a single lead. But as much as he caught my attention, there was this voice in my head saying “yeah right, this guy is so full of it”! What I realized was that Daegan Smith knows his stuff! It’s funny that when you are new to online marketing it’s easy to have your guard up and question the validity of everything you see because of the fact that there is so much bull being tossed around. My skepticism made me overlook Daegan the first time around but fortunately he caught my attention once again. Now that I have been back online for a bit I have realized that he is a major leader online and one that I consider a TRUSTED source for helping build my MLM online. If you are looking for an “MLM internet marketing Guru” to follow and learn from Daegan “King of never calling a single lead” Smith is definitely one that I highly recommend without
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