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If you have not caught the announcement about the Info Marketing Blueprint, make sure you do find out more, as it will be coming out this July. The Info Marketing Blueprint is a joint project between Mark Hoverson and the magnetic sponsoring team. Info Marketing Blueprint is going to be a 7-week period that consists of 6 modules plus 1 bonus module. This course will contain many topics from how to carve an ravishing product of your own by 48 hours and being an irresistible speaker on stage.

As there will be an enormous affiliate contest going out this time, there are definitely going to be gobs of people out there promoting their site and giving out a bunch of bonuses. I have also decided to play in this contest in spite of not having a clue on how I will perform in it. This is my first time joining an affiliate challenge to present as much value as I possibly can. I believe it is important for me to share a little more about myself before I go on and share what I am going to be giving out this time in the Info Marketing Blueprint Affiliate Contest.

I have been involved with network marketing in view of I was 19 years old and have never been profitable in it as I never had anyone to mentor me as a consequence show me the ropes and tricks of the trade, which is why I decided to get online and attain how to be fruitful in it. I then got myself knowledge how to advertise online on account of I was 20 years old. I’m sure this sounds like I have an abundance of experience, but I did not then. After being in a coaching call with Jonathan Budd and attending the No Excuses Summit, it has allowed me a drive that I never had before – As though a fire has been lit within me. I am right now 24 years old this year and you can see how many years I have been a student and not an action taker.

I am doing the best I can at this point in time to share what ever I have, basically I am giving everything I have right now to gain the event of joining an affiliate contest for the Info Marketing Blueprint.

Firstly, my personal popular prize that I am giving away is my iPad which I freshly won in a contest for generating the most fans on Facebook through the Facebook Mastery Summit production. I am giving this up as I believe there are people who want it much more than me, and that someone clearly has a better benefit on what they could do with the iPad. I am not sure what I could do with it.

I am also going to be giving exercise sessions and an army of free Facebook ad credits to people who take action and act fast by working with me on the Info Marketing Blueprint. As I have specified earlier, I have been an excellent student consequently I have amassed a plenty of knowledge online also I definitely want to be sharing this and helping people out there.

On top of these bonuses for the Info Marketing Blueprint, I am also going to be throwing in 2 webinar recordings that I personally did or was engaged in. The first is a 16-minute video where I share how I managed to accomplish 1,580 fans in under 50 days for my Facebook fan page. I clearly brought a lot of value on this recording, as I cannot believe how much I gave away that day. The next webinar is a personal branding webinar that I did, which I believe a lot of people would be fascinated with to learn about. I have been approached by people at live events and many places online as I have managed to surround myself with a brand that I created which naturally attracts people, accordingly, giving out this webinar recording will certainly be a cracking bonus for people who are just starting out online and are not sure on how to brand themselves.

The last bonus that I am donation is a private mastermind group for all to gather together and share their thoughts and ideas on the topics learned. I believe it is big to cluster people together to share as everyone has a different concept when they learn something. Masterminding allows people to bounce off ideas furthermore basically assemble bigger ideas.

I have definitely laid out a bunch of bonuses that I am throwing out including I might throw in a couple more such as a couple of books, which I find to be life-changing to me to help people out there. With my current resources, I must say that I am going all out for the Info Marketing Blueprint affiliate challenge plus would definitely count on to be helping even more people out there.

I have also done up a website that shares the Info Marketing Blueprint review that I am doing for the product along with the Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus that I have just shared. I am very sure that the Info Marketing Blueprint is going to be a sell out, particularly with two sets of great people working together. I crave you all the best in your network marketing success.

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